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semi thought part2

Posted 09-24-2011 at 10:51 PM by weissritter
Updated 09-24-2011 at 11:01 PM by weissritter
actually you can live a very simple and happy life here. Simply do your job and only limit it to your job. If people are dying on the street, just ignore them and walk passby, only worry about yourself and those close to you.

Problem starts when you help people. Like recent case, an old lady decides to cross the street through barricades that suppose to prevent pedestrian from crossing. She ignored it, jumped and hurt herself badly after a heavy fall. There was a taxi moving toward her and it stopped infront of her. The driver stopped to check to see if he hit her. And he didn't. There were countless witnesses as well.

So out of the good of his heart, he rushed the old lady to a nearby hospital. The old lady's relative arrives at the hospital and forcefully blames the taxi driver, even knowing the truth. Demanding for payments.

After going to court, and evident testing, all came out negative. The fact was clear. The taxi driver DID NOT hit the old lady. It was her own fault.

The judge ruled the taxi driver "scared" the old lady and therefore, he needs to pay 20,000 - 30,000 of remedy. Because the judge knows that the taxi driver has money, but the old lady does not.

In this city even though news reporter always says the air pollution level is "great" and "wonderful" I feel that compare to NYC, the air here isn't right for me. Cough alot when I am not suppose to...

But then again, this city offers alot of employment opportunities. All the stores, and factories are always looking for people to fulfill the openings. But the funny thing is, no one wants to work, because the pay is lower than the standard of living in this city. So people decides to be feed off their parent's savings and hangout, shopping, drink, play girls/guys everyday.

The technical jobs with high pay, no one can fulfill it because not enough people can finish the proper education.

The low end jobs with no skills, no one want to work because the pay is low, and they thing such job isn't worthy of their time and sweat.

So, the city NEEDS ALOT of workers. But...
And instead all the subways, buses, public places and streets are crowded with people from 7am until midnight 12am everyday non-stop.

But onething I do love this city is that, there are security cameras everywhere, in shops, in the buses, in the subways, in the stations, in the streets, in all the neighborhoods. So people's public life gets monitored 24/7. If someone gets robbed, the robber can't get away for more than half a day. They are always caught easily.

Now thats control! As long as your here, your always being watched great sense of security

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  1. Blizt's Avatar
    Sigh...about that incident of the innocent driver and he old lady, it doesn't only happen in China, it's about the same for Taiwan, it's just very very sad...

    Posted 09-25-2011 at 03:24 AM by Blizt Blizt is offline
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