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Lately stuff :3

Posted 08-11-2011 at 04:33 PM by weissritter
Lately, out of the many many icon that is on desktop, and I actually enjoyed very much and have motivation to play all 9 endings just to get the true ending is HHG.

I can probably re summarize the whole story and write a long blog on it, and I already written paragraphs after paragraphs for it as draft. But I guess, I should just say, it is just very well done and stop there :3 , Not perfect but atleast 85+ on my book.

It had borrowed a good deal of ideas from Code Geass

The original written draft, I'll just leave it in spoiler tag to save space. Wrote it out of the heat for it, just right after playing it.

Then I started on Shikigami by Akabeesoft, since people said the tactic element of it was interesting. Started the game on normal difficulty and immediately regrated doing so after clearing first chapter Q_Q if you made a small wrong move, enemy army hoards zerg rushes you with lvl 6-7 waves of army one after another. While your fighting with lvl 3-4 army. And only 5 HP recover per turn while your getting hit for 45+ a fight. After 2-3 turns most of my grunt soldiers are dead or has be to sacrificed so I can give myself 1 extra turn to heal =_=; And if any of my soldier dies, they can't be revived. They are basically gone forever. Especially main characters or characters with faces. Which is a pain especially when they get out numbered and dies... Then reload time Q_Q Oh and you can't save whenever you want. You can only save every 3 turns. which stags more agony.


Tiny Dungeon series from Rosebleu is just keeps on rolling Q_Q Hopefully the 4th work will be out soon and won't put such a darktone to the story. Damn I had enough of how they play with people's fate. But from how it seems so far, the ending will very much mimic HHG which is just going to be Q_Q


Brought an used PSP because one of the forum member where I lurk said that Mashiroiro Symphony *mutsu-no-hana which is the PSP port of the original, had a huge upgrade and makeover, and how Sana's Ending(PSP Only) is so good that he kept playing it for 4 nights.

So I was like ok, maybe I'll get an PSP just to try it. Although I finished Sana's route, and Yutsuki(PSP only new character) Route, the game indeed is pretty good, and a 90+ rating without a doubt. But the guy was really all over it X_x; and used a scene that was really moe moe to promote Sana.

but when I was playing it, the actual scene didn't mean it the way if you look at the picture alone = = (it was a joke sort of thing)...Oh wells

Oh and this game was set in winter, so playing in the winter is great. But playing in the summer makes me want to turn on the A/C to Max cool = =;

Irresponsibility Spoiler CG :3

They are making an anime of it, the character design looks.... Lets just hope they won't kill it, although I won't watch it because I want to preserve my heartful memories of it.


After I am a bit over Mashiro iro symphony, I am basically testing other PSP games, such as MS Gundam Giren's Greed Axis V, Gundam VS Gundam Next+ , SD G Gen World, Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos, Busou Shinki Battle Master, Shining Hearts, Danball Senki, and various other ones.

Speaking of Shining Hearts, the game is good in a way, but time consuming in another.

The artwork, voice acting, OST, all kicks ass, just that you will spend a huge amount of time, collecting crops, doing quests, baking breads, fishings, exploring the sea, etc.

But I will finish it for sure, because something in the game, makes me MUST want to save Kaguya regardless.


Other than that only 2 animes that is ongoing and I actually watches, Battle Spirits Brave and Danball Senki :3

So SD G Online is on held and will log on once a month for updates :3

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