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The power of massive homing missiles

Posted 05-27-2010 at 11:49 AM by weissritter
Updated 05-27-2010 at 12:39 PM by weissritter
Well first I have to thank McDull for lending me his LK which enable me to roll this MS.

2nd I feel bad for all the random players that was trolled in the video by this MS. >_<

3rd I really love the BGM more than the video itself. I hope you like the BGM as well XD



Personal Thoughts:

True to it's nick name for being the top 4 B Rank MS of all times.

When people say Koumei is emo, they have no idea how emo this GP-02AMLRS is. It is definitely on the "hax" MS list.

Weapon 2 has the same range as F91's beam bazooka. which allows this MS to stay far in the back lines and still deal constant amount of damage. It's ammo is very sufficient especially once skill 1 is activated. It will also be one of the main damage output source.

Weapon 3 has 2 shot x 6 missiles per unload and reload once empty, before skill 1, it reload very slow. But once skill 1 activates, it will be there whenever you need it. It isn't exactly instant, but it is very fast.

Skill 1 is the essential part of the MS, it needs to activate as soon as possible.

Skill 2 is the addition of its fearsome damaging power. Try to keep it as long as possible as it will benefit the team as well.

Personal Play style:

I mostly stay with the team and usually stay in mid range while constantly picking paper and rocks as my main target. However, beware of not going head to head against scissor suit as you will often suffer heavy damages.

Never hesitate to use SP as the finishing blow.

When you see incoming missiles coming from above at an angle and you have your own missiles, you can always activate its anti missile system to counter against incoming missiles.


I will probably put this under freeze once it becomes OC6. This MS really makes you lose shooting touch because you don't need to constant aim with beam rifles. It also is relatively boring since it is very easy to play as well as very "hax" suit.

You will probably able to learn something when up against other "hax" suits and skilled players. But the only thing this MS can teach you is not "personal skill" but rather "decisiveness".

Which means where to move, when to launch certain weapons. etc. As oppose to how to dodge, how to counter.

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