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Clan Issues

Posted 05-22-2010 at 09:58 AM by weissritter
I wish to just post another video as usual, but things just happen.

Recently I found a member of the clan who constantly goes to these game rooms where they play these games that manipulate the winning and losing outcomes of the game. So they take turns to win and lose to gain fast money.

This isn't new in the TW version of SD gundam capsule fighter. Many people does it all the time just to gain fast money and ranking. Because the publisher does not care about it, many players does this all day long.

But what stand out was that this member was in the "Dead Person Only Rooms" Those rooms are also known as macro-bots only.

I found the person in those room more than once. So I decided to warn him about not to bot or else he can easily get his account banned.

The person then admits that he bots and he really does not care.


So a week passed, other members starts to question about his sudden increase in large amount of unexplained experience points.

Then the person starts to say how bots isn't really wrong.

So yesterday, he starts claiming how he is getting these expensive MS and spend so much ingame money he gathered. One of the clan member said it does not matter because he used bots.

He then said that he really does not care for the clan and does not matter what the clan members think.

That is when all the drama starts...

His reason for saying that was because he believes some of the clan members does not like him as well as annoy him about him using bots.

However, he never said "I did not bot" nor in anyway to clean himself. He always justify about bots.

Then after I told him that I have proofs of him in those bot rooms, it took him a while, and he starts to claiming that I did not have sufficient proof to say he bots and starts to claim he did not bot because I was never in those rooms to see him.


So I am a bit confused and a bit angry. If he had originally responded differently then the story could be different.

But something tells me that only after I inform him about my proof did he changed his attitude. In other words, if I did not say it, then he would continue to justify bot and never deny that he bots.


I am not really out to hunt him or trying to kick him out. But bots is against one of the clan rules. I am not going to go into those bot rooms just so I can proof that he really bots.
But at the same time, I wish he could have went to other normal rooms instead.

It is indeed some conflicting feelings because, the person isn't really a bad person at all. He has a huge pride and ego issue, as to he cannot accept losing in matches, but other than that, he is a relatively skilled player.

He is also one of the relatively long time member.

So I do not want to remove him without very good reason.

But he rarely plays with any of the clan members because he believe he can do better in a proper team. So he usually play only with other TW clans where he is in their "black room" (where each of the teammates knows each other and have very good teamwork, the room's purpose is just to win against random players that happened to be in their room)

Therefore, if he were to find another clan, it won't be an issue at all. If he does not like how the clan is, it would be easier for him to move on.

So I don't know... I guess I just want to let it out.

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Tags: mmog clan, sdgo
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  1. Griever's Avatar
    If there's one hacker in your guild, often times people assume the guild is FULL of hackers. Kick him.
    Posted 05-22-2010 at 11:32 AM by Griever Griever is offline
  2. Blizt's Avatar
    Like I already said to you that day weis :/

    Botting is not that different than hacking in game, they're equally bad in my view.

    And about him being a good person even when he bot...well, I just wanted to say a lot of the "bad guy" in the world are actually good people too, but that don't entirely justify of what they're doing it don't it?

    So he doesn't care what other Clan member thinks, do not like to talk with them because sometimes he think they're annoying, do not like to fight with them because he hates losing and look down on other who he feel will drag him down...

    So even though he has been in the Clan for a long time, what difference is it to this and if he never joined in the first place?

    And when asked why he want to be in clan, his answer is "to chat" with who? People he doesn't like, doesn't trust, finds annoying?

    I say take some more look at him in the future, if he still doesn't stop even after you warned him again, then it might be time to start considering "the solution".

    I have been in this Clan for a long time, but if I suddenly started botting/hacking, would you kick me? I sure hope you would (though I'd never do that!)
    Posted 05-24-2010 at 08:58 PM by Blizt Blizt is offline
  3. weissritter's Avatar
    Follow up.

    The person left on his own.

    And I pray he find a better heaven that suits him better. Because in my clan, his potential seems limited, even if there is no bots involved.

    He just seems to be the type that should be out there doing alot more in other famous clans.
    Posted 05-25-2010 at 10:23 AM by weissritter weissritter is offline
  4. nyejyh's Avatar
    I really hate hacking.

    I will have to admit when I first played SDGO before joining clan, I was quite interested and played the manipulated room for a while (no botting ever though).

    But then I came to the same conclusion that botting/diving is no better than hacking, and decided not to have anything to do with such rooms.

    And now that I am in the MMOG clan, I really wish more people come out in the clan and don't flake clan pvp...
    Posted 05-25-2010 at 04:07 PM by nyejyh nyejyh is offline
  5. OMGundam's Avatar
    Hey guys

    It's come to my attention that this particular player has actually joined our forum clan, so I'm going to give my $0.02.

    I'm not here to defend him by any means as he is a new member and we don't know anything about him really. But it's kind of interesting how he was accused of botting just because he's in a room for macro bots, as far as I know these rooms are somewhat accessible to anyone right? (set me straight if I'm wrong here)

    And I'd also like to provide my view about diving and botting, being a player who participates in these rooms myself. I dive because of one simple reason: I don't want to spend money on cap coins or paint, or whatever (yes, I do spend M every now and then for garage space). This doesn't mean I think people who do are wasting money, it's just a personal choice.

    As for my inflated ranking/exp... it all depends on how you look at it. I know I'm not a great/good/average player, and I could probably use all that time diving to work on my game... but I'm just here to enjoy SDGO and if someone's going to bother me about my rank or my diving.. then too bad cause I really feel that people are wasting their energy worrying about what other players do.

    Now if it's worrying about players botting, then I feel that players got a legitimate gripe as that's blatant cheating. Diving is more of a community issue.

    Looking forward to maybe playing with some of you when I'm not diving! gonna hit double red star today i think

    Posted 05-26-2010 at 11:40 AM by OMGundam OMGundam is offline
  6. Blizt's Avatar
    Yes it's a personal choice to decide whether you wanna spend M or just normal point only.

    But diving has became quite an issue, almost everyone thought that "just me alone who tried not to dive won't change the community, so I'm just gonna follow what's everyone else is doing", which is exactly how the community ended up what it is now.

    It's fine if you don't spend a single M to me, but when you dive, you take part responsibility of the resulted community - like just a few days ago, when I tried to play BS normally, out of the total 30 rooms in that channel, 29 of them are all diving room, would you say that didn't affect the other players? :/
    Posted 05-26-2010 at 04:15 PM by Blizt Blizt is offline
  7. OMGundam's Avatar
    Yeah, I can see how that can be kind of annoying if you want to play battleship and there's a ton of dive rooms... but there still is normal battleship rooms, just not many. With some waiting you can definitely get in one. I know that's not the most comforting thing you'd want to hear if that's your favorite mode.

    But to say that diving is an issue because there's not many battleship games is kind of a reach... People don't dive because everyone else is doing it, people dive because it's the fastest way to make G. There's no other reason, nothing about players thinking they can change the community if they're one more player who doesn't dive.

    I totally understand why people frown upon diving but to me those same people are just thinking too hard and worrying about nothing. But to say it's an issue, I just don't see it as it doesn't break the game. As long as the user is the one physically diving, then its alright with me. Botting is just ridiculous, esp when you have to pay a monthly fee.
    Posted 05-26-2010 at 06:33 PM by OMGundam OMGundam is offline
    Updated 05-26-2010 at 06:36 PM by OMGundam
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