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First blog entry

Posted 05-20-2010 at 11:45 AM by weissritter
Updated 05-20-2010 at 12:52 PM by weissritter
First time decided to make use of this system...

Anyways, I love playing "SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online. So my entries will only be dedicated to this game.

Since dear Nek0 went through lots of trouble rolling for a c3 Deathscythe(DS) and wasn't able to grasp how this unit is to be played, I decided to make a small video of my DS game play.

Title: "你的靈魂已經被我簽收了" (Your soul has been Signed for)

I think the title + BGM + gundam name works well together.

While making the video, I had play many many games. The more I tried to act good and play my best, the worst things just gets. I was also getting irritated after countless failures that I almost gave up on this video's creation.

At the end, I gather what I had left and just made it anyways, because I really liked the BGMs and would like to share it...

My gameplay video was relatively average. My opponents were a few of my skill level and some below. Not a extremely very well managed video. Thus, I disclaimer from all sort of skills. Consider it as a newbie's video.

Mobile Suit(MS) Comment:

-Great for sneak attack from behind.
-Great for fast hit and run tactic.
-B rank 3 lives.
-Veteran Infighter to keep you from getting knockdown by long range papers.
-2 hit fast melee to avoid SP
-No auto lock when under 30% HP.

-Low HP and defense
-Relatively slow movement without Speed points
-Vulcan does not have very far range
-Only 2 hit melees
-A more melee oriented MS.
-When Auto Jammer Skill comes into play, the MS is already near death.

Personal Comment:

I love this MS, it is one of my edelweiss custom units from my collection. I use it for sneak attack, and creating as much chaos as possible. If you can make your enemy constantly worrying about getting backstab, then as a DS player, you succeeded. You just have to strike them hard while they are occupied by your teammates. However, you do not want to have all your enemies to be targeting you. You want it to have the lowest attention because you use it to sneak attack. If your discovered, your very likely to be a main target of enemy fire and can die very fast. Thus, playing hide and seek will be important key in managing this MS. You hide when they chase you. You pursue when they turn back.

Therefore, for Custom Points and Over Custom Points I would like it to have as much speed as possible so that it can rush into enemy territory fast and get away quick. As well as dealing the highest possible damage with its 2 hit melee.

Personal Custom on the MS: Custom 3 into speed, 6 points into attack. Future 3 points will also be in attack.

Personal Rating on the MS: 7.5/10

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