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Grand Fantasia



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Romeo & Cinderella

Posted 08-22-2011 at 12:36 PM by Vxe
His love for me will not be the tragedy that was of Juliet's

so please set me free from here

Then let us be off…

Daddy and mommie have already gone away

Left for their eternal journey

It’s time for adults to be dreaming

It seems someone has been thrown
into the depths of this abyss

Tonight, how far should I go?

Taking pleasure at your expression

as you nibble on the fruit; such loveliness

Saying goodbye to this halfhearted tale

Innocently laughing perhaps of ignorance

Yet wanting to learn so many things

Discovering every bit of you

is my true goal and desire…

The Sought-After Cinderella

Don’t you just love those dark apples?

But this page is already about to be turned

Unless we stop the time

The Runaway Juliet

But you don’t like that name, do you?

True, you are linked together

but it won’t be as fun if it isn’t that way

Now, why don’t we have some fun?

In this already heated journey

My heavy thoughts are in a distant prayer

Wondering if they will ever reach her

Everything I see is but a blur for my mind

Being transient, then disappearing

Is that how far my cries can only go?

A little hand beckoning me closer

“Leave your mysterious country” someone calls out

The blank pages have begun to run out

No matter how many times we are born, we’ll still disappear

Despite that, we hold out our hands

For this episode, a princess and a prince

is already enough, right?

The bells have been rung, Cinderella

Take off your shoe and run

If you don’t, I won’t be able to look for you

and bad dreams will start haunting you

The girl from the storybook who went on a journey

I wonder where she’s waiting right now

Things like love and dreams and hope

I threw all of them away

I then cry out “I’m coming for you”

Would you mind if I take a peek into your heart?

Would you mind if I grant all your desires for a lock of your hair ?

We’ve run out of pages so we need a peaceful closing

It looks like I no longer have a place here

The conclusion is then up to you the reader

Instead of the large box, the meaningless story was put in the small one

Wha-hey! Wait a minute!

If I’m Romeo, then this tale is a tragedy

“Yearn for me and covet me even more”

That is what a princess truly wants

I don't want to be here reality was actually a lie

Then this wolf has decided to devour you

Well since the prince was already discarded away

Then I’ll leave things to the ‘other me’

The glass shoe is a perfect fit for you

Now let me change this into a comedy

and I am now here to rescue devour you

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