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Posted 01-09-2009 at 08:28 PM by VorpalBunny
I haven't played a Rayman game in ages (the last time I did, I had a Pentium II), but I have heard complaints from loyal fans about how there hasn't been a real Rayman game out in ages. Instead, the fans got Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party. After playing through it, where's the problem? This game's psychotic, equal parts insanity and genius, and the most fun I've had with a game that's a collection of minigames in a long time. This Wii title has probably been overlooked during the holiday buying spree, and it's a shame, because it works so well with the Wiimote, and puts other party games on the Wii like Mario Party to shame.

With the Wii so starved for games, it's strange why a title like this doesn't get more attention, considering that it has a tractor racing, light gun, cow snowboarding, godzilla-style city destroying, dance-offs, and band playing all in one package. Being so varied, it's also a top pick as a game for someone who's picky. There's bound to be something they like in there, and the game just gets better when you add a few friends and try to sabotage each other. Knocking other players into walls when playing the Prison Fake minigame is priceless, and the opening cutscene, complete with a rabbid with a map tattooed onto it's back and climbing out with a toilet paper rope, is comedy gold.

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