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Since this is an MMOG site...

Posted 10-05-2008 at 12:55 PM by VorpalBunny
... I might as well use this blog for the site's intended purpose, instead for making it personal random mk.II-A. Well, almost. I'm going to be writing a long series of entries which really goes into depth about my history of gaming, beginning from my bygone era's humble start of gaming in arcades; dark, smoky dens where youth were led astray and forged loose alliances as they all teamed up as green reptiles and fought over pizza to ultimately see what the end of the game held. Back then, beating an arcade game was something special. You needed skill, quarters, and some kind of teamwork with the strangers around you. And as you passed beyond the early stages everyone was familiar with before, curious crowds would begin to gather.

Electricity would fill the air as words of 'they're at the last level!' passed around the arcade, who went on to look as the loose alliance of warriors battled on. Everyone in the room wanted to be there during that short moment of triumph when the quarter gobbling final boss was brought down, the rare glimpse of the ending sequence came, the credits rolled, and the moment to immortalize yourself in the high score list with the initials came. For a grade schooler, it was a magic moment. You could say that you were a person of distinction, who had seen something with their own eyes very few seven year old mortals had seen. You were a great pint-sized sage among your fellow grade-school commoners, who clamored to hear your great tale of triumph, and experienced the feeling of vindication that came from smiting the unbelievers when you brought them to the mall, to watch their faces turn to jealousy and disbelief as you made the top 10 on that magic screen.

But nothing stays the same forever. As time passed, the machines went, the arcades disappeared, and the experiences and culture of that bygone era only lived on within the hearts of those who grew up during its heyday. The magic of the arcade era was something you had to live through to truly appreciate, and I'm grateful to say I was lucky enough to be there. I can now sigh the same sigh my parents do whenever they drive past the old lot that used to be their favorite drive-in. They too once experienced something that no longer is, and when I walk past the Smoothie Hut that used to be the castle of my childhood, I can honestly say I share the same sentiments. They always rolled their eyes whenever I wasted my time and money at the arcade, but in it's passing, I was more connected to their adolescent feelings of loss than any book, television show, or movie could ever convey.

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  1. WhatThePhuc's Avatar
    playing a 9-footer while a giant group of asians and white people stare
    there are no words to describe the glory
    Posted 10-05-2008 at 12:58 PM by WhatThePhuc WhatThePhuc is offline
  2. Moonflow's Avatar
    cool blog.
    worth reading ^^
    Posted 10-05-2008 at 10:39 PM by Moonflow Moonflow is offline
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