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Trickster Online: A view from the self-proclaimed ''True Old-Schooler of Trickster''

Posted 01-27-2010 at 09:04 PM by Virus
It appears that Trickster Online is slowing down, coming to it's end I'm afraid. Though to be fair, in some ways it's understandable.

kTO isn't coming up with much anymore, meaning we honestly can't get much either. We've caught up to kTO already besides a couple of things, though since they're only ahead by a few things the sooner we have it implemented for our version the -longer- we'll have to wait for more content.

I know that Episode 6 is being worked on, though if it isn't something ''huge'' it won't matter if it's released or not except for the fact that it's new quests to do for exp. I mean, besides Episode 6, what else is being worked on, or planned on being worked on?

Trickster Online has a great deal of potential, and traces of that potential still remain from the Trickster Beta, or as most know as ''Pre-revo''. I doubt many realize the fact that Trickster was simply still in a sort of ''beta phase'' until it went into Revolution, that's when things started coming together and making sense for the game instead of being just something that was quickly put together just so that players could have -something- to work with. Looking at it this way, however, maybe one could say that Trickster isn't coming to an end, but is actually just beginning.
There were many ideas that for whatever reason never came to fruition. Anything from skills, to all new incredible ways of compounding equipment.

It's just sad to see that, though the game is still going, content being made whether slowly or quickly, many things have been put to the side, or maybe just forgotten altogether. Some things still just don't fit together properly, and some things seem just totally unfinished and not even cared for.

I can only hope that eventually many of these ''hidden'' ideas will be used, adding more to the gaming experience for everyone. Trickster Online is a game I enjoy greatly, and I wish others could share that same enjoyment that I have.
In general, I'm quite pleased with how the game has grown, just that there are quite a few things that need to be worked out in it. If only it was possible for me to have some sort of impact on this game.... So many ideas that I wish I could share with everyone in the community. Everyone who plays. After all, I can't honestly expect to have something change in the game for my own enjoyment, I would want -everyone- to enjoy it. A suggestion in a forum can only go so far however unfortunately..

Many times I've wanted to quit this game, and for many reasons, though none of those reasons was due to hatred of the game of course. No matter what happens I am always drawn back to Trickster, the game that started my MMORPG experience, the game that I've put so much time into, the game that will always be my favorite.

But yes, I hope to see great things added to the game, and the sooner the better. Maybe I'm just being too passionate about the game, wanting it to be as close to perfection as possible, but oh well, I can't help it.

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  1. mclericp's Avatar
    i am okay with trickster. previously i hated trickster alot, but after going away for 1 and a half month without playing, my hatred got neutralised( i m even now, no hate no love). gotta agree with you, the game aint doing anything now. Maybe kto is coming up with something new, maybe but who knows?
    Posted 02-27-2010 at 09:27 PM by mclericp mclericp is offline
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