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Mitchi's Asian inspired rolled omelettes

Posted 11-21-2009 at 12:36 AM by Mitchi
Updated 11-21-2009 at 12:46 AM by UncleBob (moved to category)
Yes, I copied this from the recipe thread in Random. But now it has pictures~!

Look at that beautiful spiral. These are so tasty~
I'll be doing my best to bring you delicious, healthy and easy recipes (as well as delicious and not-so-healthy ones), for all of you who want to cook buy might not be so good at it, or those who love to cook and want to learn new things.

On to the omelettes~!

You will need~
Two eggs
tablespoon of water or milk (your preference)
tea spoon of salt
pepper to season.
OPTIONAL: Small amount of whatever filling (I use cheese and bacon bits a lot)

Sweet version:
add half a teaspoon of honey

Note: You can put in a little melted butter and it will make the omelette really fluffy.


1. Break the two eggs into a bowl and beat with a fork. when it's nice and uniform in color, add the water and beat some more.

2. Add the salt and whatever seasonings you want. I sometimes will use Mirin in place of water and honey. Beat some more.

You want your eggs to look like this

3. Heat up a pan to low-medium heat and add a little oil. swirl it around to coat the pan.

4. Pour a little bit of egg into the pan, like 1/4 of your mixture. Swirl it to get a flat little sheet. Start at one edge and fold inwards half an inch. Put whatever tiny amounts of filling you have along the edge of the fold.

Generally, it shouldn't bubble this much, my pan got a little too hot, but as long as you keep the temperature low (or work fast) then it shouldn't cause a problem.

5. using a pair of forks (this is the easiest way I've found) flip the rolled part over the fillings (if there are any), then roll until you're 3/4 of the way over.

6. Make sure the edges are loosened and pull the egg roll back the way you started. Pour a little more egg at the edge of the rolled egg, where the newly vacated space is.

Before. Pay no attention to the brownness of the egg, that's caused by the high heat of earlier.

After. See how you bring it back towards you so you have more room?

7. Repeat 4-6 as necessary until you've used all your egg.

8. Let sit for about ten seconds on one side, roll it over to the other side for 10 seconds.

9. Put on a plate and slice crosswise. Serve.

I LOVE mine with rice.

10. EAT.

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Tags: eggs, food, omelette
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  1. Miyuki's Avatar
    XD...I do that a lot when I'm too lazy to cook others.
    Posted 11-21-2009 at 12:40 AM by Miyuki Miyuki is offline
  2. Mitchi's Avatar
    I make them when I'm hungry and don't want to make something heavy or big to eat. They make a good snack
    Posted 11-21-2009 at 12:51 AM by Mitchi Mitchi is offline
  3. Miyuki's Avatar

    Also, I'd normally add some green onion, or just onion as extra tastes.
    Posted 11-21-2009 at 02:06 AM by Miyuki Miyuki is offline
  4. Shiki's Avatar
    My omelette's the same,except I tend to add tomatoes, shallots, leek and chili. That's a heavier version of yours XD.
    Posted 11-21-2009 at 04:54 AM by Shiki Shiki is offline
  5. Mitchi's Avatar
    Notice how both of you are asian? 8D

    Western omelettes tend to be different lulz.
    Posted 11-21-2009 at 11:54 AM by Mitchi Mitchi is offline
  6. PedroRomero's Avatar
    i've never had an omelette. but i like egg with rice as well. maybe i will try this omelette this evening
    Posted 11-21-2009 at 01:09 PM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
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