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//oh dear.

Posted 09-26-2009 at 06:46 AM by thestarsamurai
So LaTale is definitely looking appealing again.
Yet LOLZ ever since that cannon EXP event and lagging ALL OVER THE PLACE...yeah. Plus I got impatient with getting to 2nd job. Hahaha. BUT I DO WANT TO BE A GUNSLINGER SOMEDAY. It looks too excitinggg.

Yesterday I went to New York for the 2nd time ever (first time was AGES ago, so I don't remember much) - so it was really fun and exhausting. Tonight I'm going to see Flying Lotus with my sister and her boyfriend - so THAT will be exciting.

And eventually me and my dad are going to add more RAM to this computer. Or replace the old RAM. Because it is definitely SLOWER than it used to be. (This computer is 5 years old. XD Compared to the first being 9 years old before it died...yeah.) Trickster now lags a lot for me on busy maps until it adjusts and then it doesn't lag.
It used to NOT lag like that. Plus with playing Touhou, it slows down at the worst possible times. xD (I hate it when it speeds up again and I'm like "HO'SHIó PATCHY DUN KILL ME." ...Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. I want to clear it on Normal at LEAST with 1 continue. I just started playing Touhou in July of this year. So I think I'm improving. Yet with Sakuya...*dies* I still remember patterns even if I haven't played in WEEKS. Insane really. (...and I did wear blue to college for Cirno Day. (9)!!)

I tried leveling Luetin's TM like...on Wednesday w/Fiesta. And I'm telling you, it's SO boring using Mana Arrow ONLY. Cannot wait until I hit 55!! (She's at 54...that's the only level I got to anyway.) So that I can get Electro Attack and use that WITH Mana Arrow. My goddddd. xD I'm glad I'm so close to another skill. And then after mastering that, ARROW RUSH.
I accidentaly used it too early and I missed A LOT. Lucky for me, I had a free Master's Authority from a past event. As to which one that is, I don't remember. BUT since I was better off with just Mana Arrow, I resetted AR. (THANK GOD IT WAS A FREE MASTER'S AUTHORITY. *V* I feel so lucky now.)
As for Lemon...I really REALLY want to get to 180...or even better, 190!! Well eventually 200, but that's ages away. Hahaha. But yeah. I plan on getting Luetin to TM 55 and then going back to Lemon to level up TM until Fiesta ends.
And for Chocola~ hmmm, I guess I want to get through episode 2 before anything else. Unless I want to raise her TM too w/Fiesta. But I want her to get further than Luetin. ;9 Quest-wise. So yeah. Haha.

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