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//maybe I'll sell things for once today?

Posted 09-20-2009 at 11:18 AM by thestarsamurai
Because I am still doing college homework - and perhaps I can TRY to sell things and do homework at the same time. all my years, I've only sold a few things. ;A; It's kinda sad. I even tried to sell my Coffin Witch Brooms for a low price and...yeah, I am just impatient. Oh dear lord. xD

And since no one on both here and the official TO forum said what the price would be for the Mouse Box EX or the other one, I'll...hmm...I might sell them for like...1.5mil? Or perhaps over that? I know it must be over 1 - considering they're both clean.

You know what's funny? I forget when I got these Artisan Flames from some past events (I accumulated 7) - but I just started using them THIS MONTH. Because I never found the point of fusing until I was like "Hey, Lemon should be heart-themed!" and I found this event wand that was perfect for that - so I thought "WHY NOT?".
Yet haha, I still don't know why people fuse the images of high leveled pets on like super lower leveled in-game pets. Is it for looks when not training? That's the only reason I can think of. ^^;
But since I'm going to find no use for my Ghost Shield (Nora Shield? I keep getting these names mixed up), I'm fusing it with an Ultimate Knight Shield. I already comped a Ghost...Cap (?) w/AP (I think?) for Chocola - so I thought she should match somehow.

But argh - I want Chocola to use the Diploma Stick (I GOT ONE - I feel so proud of my luck on one of my few Gacha coins!), but I'm undecided on AC or Electric Attribute for comping. (I did add the comp. stat information on the Wiki - I noticed it wasn't there and I had it written down. ) I wish they had attribute stones in MyShop, but they don't! So since after Episode...2 (I get them mixed up these days) she's going to Ghost Blue, HOPEFULLY I can accumulate enough in grinding for items and stuff.

And now I realized that I can use Chocola to go Tombeth hunting! Which excites me a lot because I missed the boat COMPLETELY with Lemon. (Sadly. ;C) I've NEVER fought Tombeth - so the aspect of doing so really excites me. The first time I soloed Tut, I was literally shaking. 8D;;;; (This also happened after the billionth attempt of the last 3rd job trial and I prevailed, I screamed "**** YES!!" and was continually shaking.)

I think I'll go ahead with Luetin like...I guess when Chocola gets to 3rd job. By which apparently it's WAY EASIER to do than an Earth/Wind 1423 bard? XDD So that should be thrilling in itself.

And then EVENTUALLY in the future, I want to make a diva~ To try a new class~ LOLZ. And then a lion or a fox~ I am undecided. But lions look so badass with their instant KOs from afar and ahhhhh~ it's so tempting!! Apparently going pure isn't worth it or something. We'll see what gets released in the future. ;9 Yet at the same time, foxes look even more badass with their shuriken skills. And I've seen some with SUPERRAPID attacks (Man, I wonder how low the DX is?) - I vividly remember being in a party with a fox BACK WHEN PATH TO SNOW HILL WAS FREAKING HOT and dude - I was mesmerized as I ran away from Jokers and Bugbears. xD

But I want to give all my characters lemon related names. would be fun. Does this mean I'll rename Chocola and Luetin in the future? Perhaps. Maybe not Chocola because - yeah. For nostalgia's sake for not knowing where to put bonus points and feeling excited over old items. xD

I'm going to stop rambling now - it's so easy to type A LOT. So yeah. Perhaps you'll see me in Mega today~ ;9 AND MAYBE BUY SOMETHING? Or at least offer a decent price? I am not that rich - the highest I ever got (this was before like...everything was revoed) was...19mil I think? BUT YEAH. And maybe I'll go on Fiesta. Or hunt for Slithis cards because I have none and I MUST MASTER SHIELD OF HEAVEN. No luck yesterday - and doing that monster quest for Slug Gs kinda made me die inside because IT TOOK SO LONG TO GET THERE. >:C

I swear - the teleportation after finishing a monster quest is ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL update Trickster has ever had. 8D

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