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//I wish just thinking of making a blog...

Posted 09-19-2009 at 06:01 PM by thestarsamurai
...for my Trickster shenanigans.

Just today. But this is more convienent.
I don't really post at zee forums very often - lawlz. D; I really should but...I don't feel that experienced yet.


(I never PvPed OR GvGed before, so I guess that's a part of my inexperience. ;C If someone wants to teach me - PM me~~ *angst* I really want to!)

But I'm about to get on. As LemonSoda, my main character, of course~
Just to get in some time with Fiesta. Yesterday I got to TM 170 and managed to get...level 7 Shield of Heaven? Or 10. I forget.
Oh wait. It is 10 - I have 3 points left. Just 2 more and I'll be hunting for 5 Slithis cards. Oh lord. But dude - it is WEIRD using SoH, yet freaking COOL because I feel so...invincible! No wonder everyone loves it super duper much!! You never know until you actually experience it for yourself!
But for now - I'll be camping at Fiesta until it ends. And then I'll try the Phantom School event - because that looks more interesting than the last event. ;D

...EVENTUALLY I'll get to the Snow Hill Key Quest. But it's hard for me to kill things there at the moment. So for now...staying away and leveling stuff up.

Just yesterday I finished Episode 4 - which is REALLY exciting for me. Hahaha~ I had more trouble compounding those damn 5x Green Tea and 5x Cappucinos than drilling for 100x Trash.

Today I randomly decided that my 2nd sheep, Luetin, should not be Water/Lightning/Soulmaster (LIKEALLTHEOTHERSHEEP) and be Fire/Lightning/Dark Witch. Because 1) I want to boss - REALLY badly, 2) I want to be 1-target POWERFUL, and 3) I want to try fire and lightning and dark skills REALLY REALLY badly.

As for when I'll go for Water, I have no freaking clue. I really want to though. Just not Water/Wind. I'll go with Water/Lightning for another sheepie.

College is basically killing everything - hahahaha. I spent most of today completing homework. And 1 of which is a partnership - I emailed the girl I'm partners with and she hasn't responded for hours. So I am assuming she's not in an area with a computer.

Whatajoy. So for now I'm stuck with making roughs and constructing these goddamned fomecore structures. I don't like the 3D medium all that much. Only clay. That's it. But this semester I have to do WOODWORKING. So that is scaring me a bit. I won't be shooting for an A in that class, THAT IS for sure. =A=;;;

Anyways, I am totally getting on now. Oh yeah, I'm on Fantasia. So if you see me partyless (MOST LIKELY, YES), please add me~ 8D I'll be on from 9-11 EST. Or slightly past 11. I don't know yet.

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  1. Queen's Avatar
    I have yet to PvP or GvG in TO and I am quite experienced C:
    Posted 09-19-2009 at 06:48 PM by Queen Queen is offline
  2. thestarsamurai's Avatar
    Oh wow~ :O
    Posted 09-20-2009 at 10:59 AM by thestarsamurai thestarsamurai is offline
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