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A Tough Decision (LaTale)

Posted 07-14-2010 at 05:48 PM by TheHYBIRD
Updated 07-15-2010 at 03:47 PM by TheHYBIRD
Langit, my Blader, has hit level 140. It comes as a shock to me because I really hated using the guy when he was level83, which is where I stopped using him... for months.

But when I finally decided to boot him out of my guild and use him for Seph's crop farming, he really did explode into a powerful being, probably up to par with my Guardian CodieIppo.

But now that he's 140, it's time to retire him for the time being. It's just like Ippo, I got him to 3rd job level, so it's time to focus on another character.

This is where my problem comes in. The next character is either going to be Hybird, my Gunsligner, or Infinos, my Treasure Hunter. But with taking either one out my guild for crop farming purposes, comes some serious pros and cons to my decision for both characters.

Hybird (GS)


The King of Spa Farming (high attack rate)
Already prepped with several items for farming (pets, idr armor, etc)
Definitely won't be missing as many boxes with Hybird as I did with Langit (long range and fast attacks)


Current Coliseum farmer (Do not want to be stuck in intermediate with Hybird... or any character for that matter...)
Leader of HeadphoneKids (not the highest GP earner, Ippo holds that title, but it'll still feel strange without Hybird there.)
Not really good for other Crop Rooms (Boss rooms are usually uncoordinated, so I won't be able to snipe and has low defense, and a level 2 mine skill would be good for mines)

Infinos (TH)


Higher IDR Naturally
The Prince of Spa Farming (Rapid Bow Fire shall prove useful both range and speed wise)
Has good IDR equips
Has Mine Bot
THs have an IDR skill that supposedly pumps their IDR high


Jump skill is shorter range than Langit
Boss room will KILL me
Even if I have a Mine Bot, I hate Mining Map the most
Will want a Sirop if use Infinos (30mil at the least)
Not a Bow user (currently X-bow, will go back to dagger once 125)
Currently my main seller, so inventory is nearly maxed out as is. (can't send to other characters either, will take at least 2 days to set up a new shop keeper thanks to new launcher)
The supposed skill has mixed definitions, so I dunno if it's IDR or RIDR

Annnd that's most of the pros/cons I can think of right now. Both Hybird and Infinos are at the same GP contribution points of 70k, and since I just turned the guild to level 7, GP isn't a issue.

I wanna make a decision ASAP, but between these two characters, it's hard to decide.

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Tags: crop, farm, ggftw, latale
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