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Primes: The Most Useless Argument in LaTale Has Returned (LaTale)(Rant)

Posted 06-10-2010 at 10:19 PM by TheHYBIRD
Updated 06-10-2010 at 11:44 PM by TheHYBIRD (The Realization that no matter how right or wrong I am, I am still continuing the flow of useless complaining.)
Amidst the Universal Launcher making it near impossible for many to get on the game, amidst players receiving quest they cannot complete due to content not being released, amidst so many other issues LaTale has right now...

The subject of the new player being "spoiled" has once again resurfaced, and once again, Primes are the main focus of the attack.

*Deep Breath*


Here we &^%$ go again...

To me, this is a subject that should have been buried long ago with the E.T games. Primes are not bad to me, I don't think of them as some sort of addiction, they haven't affected the community anywhere near as much as other things have, and I could care less if others use them

Ok, I think I should stop it here.

Looking at the reader count, I'm certain some of you have already read this blog post. Well I suppose I can't change that, but as for everybody else, I'm cutting the post here.

The reason why I'm cutting the blog entry is because, even though this has been penting up and I wanted to finally say I how I feel how stupid to whole argument is, the fact is, no matter what I, or anybody say, these people are still going to cry about it. It's never going to don on them that this is not going to change, they're never gonna stop clinging onto the old "glory days" (which I never felt was all that glorious) and they're never going to go "ok... I'll just try and tolerate it, so we can all get along"

It's not going to happen, and me, just putting up a post about it, venting my frustrations or not, is just going to help continue the useless cycle.

So yeah, I'm cutting it off here. I still have the original saved in my data bank, so if there's any open minded person who's just curious about the post, just ask, and I might put it up.

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  1. Sephiroth's Avatar
    Personally, the only thing I see /wrong/ with Primes, is how easy they are to obtain. I myself have never seen the need to use them, and I've only used like 2, on my level 180 GS, just to fool around. Although, I don't plan on using anymore, I send them to an alt account, so I can grind those characters.
    Personally, the fact that they are 5th place LD is a bit over the top.They should at LEAST be a little harder to obtain for some people.
    But it's the persons choice whether or not to use them, and I don't think other people should make them feel bad about it, because it's how THEY choose to play the game.
    Posted 06-11-2010 at 06:34 AM by Sephiroth Sephiroth is offline
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