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Universal Launchers: When MMO Servers Decide to Screw With YOU (Rant)

Posted 05-24-2010 at 04:02 PM by TheHYBIRD
It's been some time since I done a blog. And honestly, I had a set of other subject to do. But, of course, OGP just had to be the main subject of the week, didn't they?

I know I'm basically preaching to the choir, the OGP forums has been bombarded with distaste of the Launcher. But as it says in the title, this is a rant, essentially something to blow off steam. And yes, that means I'm pretty much yelling and screaming without too much thought put into the post, you've been warned.

Let me be very blunt in saying:

I. HATE. Universal Launchers.

there's just no other way in saying it. I think Universal Launcher are nothing more than the figurative Bottle Rocket up the South End of the Human's Digestive System. They're nothing more than a nuisance to me, and just thinking about them makes me rather irratable.

So obviously, my reaction to OGP's Universal Launcher was... Negative, to say the least. But I gave OGP some leniency as I've been doing for quite some time.

But the leniency went out the door just five minutes in using the new launcher.

I do not, in the least enjoy the fact that we have to now log in OUTSIDE the game itself. That alone sets me off. The reasons behind my distaste in the log-in system is because 1; it's a well known fact allot of players have multiple accounts, thus the old sign in system allowed them to efficiently change accounts and characters, we no longer have that efficiency. And 2; if we, FOR ANY REASON, are disconnected from the game, such as OGP LaTale related (not on our side, theirs) Lag Spikes, or the "Cannot Connect to Server" Error that 75% of us get when we first try to log on the game, we are booted off the game, and have to restart ALL. OVER.

It's just flat out irritating, if not insulting. And OGP isn't the first MMO server Company that has done something like this. Ijji had something similar to this, Gunbound International (Pre Ijji Gunbound) had a Universal Launcher back when Rakion was first introduced in America, Maple Story has something similar, I think Exteel also had one. And all of them, in my experience, sucked, because instead of making things quicker to get in the game, it slowed things down notoriously.

Back on OGP's ULoD (Universal Launcher of D00M) OGP really hasn't done much to alleviate things. They claim in their emergency update that they were going to fix XFire, but I seen absolutely no difference with my Launcher issues, which I expect had nothing to do with Xfire. essentially, little to no effort has been publicly (in other words they haven't told us they've been doing something) done about it. And as most know, once an Universal Launcher is implemented into the game, it NEVER goes away...

I think I'm gonna go play Ghost X... At least there I don't have to deal with a Universal Launcher.

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