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Testing Ryan, LaTale Withdrawl, and The Stress Factor (LaTale)(Grand Chase)

Posted 03-25-2010 at 03:47 PM by TheHYBIRD
Just after the update, I decided to spend the ten dollars I mentioned in my last blog on Ryan. I knew from the start Ryan was going to be a bit of a hassle to get used to, Axe wielders always are for me. But after figuring a few tricks of Ryan out, I realized the driving force for using the character:

He's like playing a side scrolling version of Shining Force!

Regular Ryan is like playing the Gladiator class from the series, like Jaha or Gort.

Wolf Form Ryan is allot like playing as Zylo, or even Gerhalt. (Especially the redone Zylo from the GBA Shining Force remake) that or Altered Beast, take your pic of Werewolf related Genesis classics.

Unfortunately, my testing of Ryan, and leveling of Jin were both suddenly halted due to the game having issues yesterday. I was close to beating 3 Star gorgos with Jin, and I got booted, was so pissed I haven't gone back yet.

On the LaTale side of things, I might be going back sometime soon.

To be perfectly honest, I don't really want to. But, I have some obligations I must own up to. The most obvious being my duties as the Guild Leader of HeadphoneKids. Allot of people left the guild in the weeks before I left the game, but there are still some around last I checked, and I can't really leave them hanging. I also still need to find a suitable 2nd in command as well, if I'm gonna be on hiatus, I should at least have somebody there that can handle most of the leader abilities.

The other reason why I need to go back is because after years of trying to get him to play MMOs again, I got a friend to join up with LaTale, and I promised to use WildSeven (My 48 Knight) to help him get to 80 at the least.

Unfortunately, my responsibilities on LaTale, (and that's what they are. "It's just a game" doesn't quite count when you're in a Guild Leader position and junk like that, not for my generation of gamers at least.) Does add to some stress I already have. What with a comic convention I gotta prep my artwork for (good place to show artist your work, and get advice) and this stupid housing rule of either getting a job or doing volunteer work, both of which I can't find anything I'm qualified for. Mom was sick all last week as well, and after last time where she actually had to go to the hospital, I didn't get much sleep this time around, so I'm both mentally and physically strung out a bit right now.

*Shrug* For every good, there's a bad I suppose. But dang, the bads have been kicking me a bit hard as of late.

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