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Testing Jin (Grand Chase)

Posted 03-23-2010 at 03:10 PM by TheHYBIRD
As I mentioned in my last blog post, with my temp (possibly) exit from LaTale, I picked up Grand Chase and began my determination to grab Jin.

Well, after doing the required dungeons WHO KNOWS HOW MANY TIMES (seriously... I lost count) I finally earned the once elusive Jin.

Without hesitation I equipped the guy with some basic armor, slapped the Knight pet on him, and jumped into the lower level dungeons with a vengeance.

Jin. Is. FAST.

He's less ranged than Elesis, which is a bit of a hassle to adjust to, but he quickly makes up for it with psychotic speed and power. I have quite gotten the hang of him, especially his third bar, did see much of a difference from normal Jin to glowing Jin just yet but I suppose that something that's hammered out naturally in the later levels with experience.

But, with the task of obtaining Jin out the way, I'm thinking about who to grab next. I got lucky and was able to put $10 into my account, so I could grab any character I want. Right now it's a race between Ryan Lass and Amy, but I know there's a another character about to be released, it's just I seen a few vids, and she doesn't seem my cup'o tea so far.


Oh well, I still got Jin! Bwahahaha!

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  1. Marzai's Avatar
    That would be Mari that you're referring to. You really should see more of her vids. She's awesome. Save the $10 for her, if possible. But if I were to recommend another present character to cash, it would be either Ryan (the trunks are annoying to get, and I don't like PvP. you have to win 30 times), Amy (it's not that she's hard to get. It's just tedious and time-consuming. Getting 15 Vanessa Armor Pieces and 15 Samsara's Ring Frags can get annoying, as well as 3 Octus Fangs or 3 Lenesian Claws) Or Sieghart (3 Partusay Tridents, 5 Kamiki Marbles, 3 Basilisk Hearts, and 15 PvP wins... The most annoying 6 days of my life). Do not cash Lass. All you need to do for him is Beat Kaze'aze's Castle 5 times without using natals or bonuses (you, not party members).

    But good job getting Jin, bro. Once you get Shisha (2nd job), you can stick with that til Rama (4th). Asura's combo damage is overall pretty good, but the thing that makes it suck is the power of his skills, especially his 3rd bar. Jin can throw away his Chamma with a little Chi and switch to Knuckles, and have a 1st bar skill, but that's about it. Scorpion Sting is also good for large crowds in front of you.
    Posted 03-23-2010 at 04:18 PM by Marzai Marzai is offline
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