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An Uncofortable Situation (Rant) (LaTale)

Posted 02-19-2010 at 11:55 PM by TheHYBIRD
Updated 03-21-2010 at 01:03 AM by TheHYBIRD (post needed to be fixed up a bit)
[Before I start, a couple things. First; I had an entirely different blog planned for today, but this is one of those sudden "this has to be typed" things. I'll try to post my original blog idea tomorrow.

Second; this is indeed a rant. Meaning it's not rational, it is (in a sense) raw emotion. If you do not enjoy reading rants, I warn you to turn away.

On with the show.]

I think I made it a bit clear in my previous LaTale blog post, but if not, let me be clear:

I do not really like [GA]Tarobi.

... Ok, do not like might be a bit strong. Let's just say last time I actually talked to him, I wanted to hurl a rock, at his head. Not that I hate he guy... I just wanted to hurt him, badly.

And it's not because he's a GA, my issues with him run long before he became a GA. Tarobi was a member of HeadphoneKids, my guild. Not only was he a member, but he was one of my second in commands. At first making him a guild boss was a ok idea, actually, it was a good idea. But then he started to give me, and allot of people for that matter, a rather nasty headache 80% of the time he was on. He got on my case constantly about guild matters that were either beyond my control, or was insignificant though he would try to inflate it to something on the level of "OMG WE NEED TO DO THIS NOW!"

A little while ago, Tarobi left HeadphoneKids, and if it wasn't for the fact other guild members that I actually liked, left, that would have been a good day. If I recall correctly, he jumped ship to Seikrei (not sure if I spelled that correctly) and by the way, any member of that guild reading this, you have my deepest condolences, but he's YOUR problem now.

So Tarobi's gone from my guild, hooray. All I had to do was avoid him during my daily play, and I'd be fine. However... today I decided to play the weekly events. Now, I'm used to it just being the GMs running these things, not GAs helping out, so I didn't put any GA being involved in these things today into my usual consideration.

First event, Trivia: Tarobi was there as his knight, I could have cared less, because he didn't matter, the trivia did.

Second Event, Scavenger Hunt: Tarobi was heavily involved in this one, and the only reason I didn't up and leave is because I wanted to win! So in order to win first place, I had to grab a skeleton rib, and trade it, TO HIM.

I don't want contact with this guy.

Then after I won, he whispered me to tell me to be in Ch.2 to be warped to soccer field to receive my prize. Meaning I had to contact him back.

I don't want contact with this guy.

So now, it's me, Tarobi, the GM, and the two other winners.


So I trade with the GM to get my prize. And, as common courtesy, I said thanks. And I swear, the second I hit enter, the first thought in my mind was "that was for the GM, NOT YOU!" And if Tarobi did perceive it as for him, and said something to the point of "You're welcome", no doubt in my mind, no matter how rational I try to be on the game, no matter how stupid it would've been to do it in front of a GM, I would have sent down the verbal storm of chaos upon him.

So, I know I said when he left my guild, I was celebrating his departure. But he left without me venting on him. He essentially got away with murder in my book. I (and plenty of other people in and out my guild) have gone off on him for some of the irrational things he's said and done, but not on a level that any of us would feel as a justifiable ventilation. So I was kinda grinding my teeth the whole time he was standing there.

Irrational, I know. But every once in a while, there's just one of those people that get your feathers ruffling and tail fur standing on end.

Ok... rant over... happy thoughts... happy thoughts...

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