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My Luck and MP3 Players: THEY JUST DON'T MIX!

Posted 02-04-2010 at 02:37 PM by TheHYBIRD
I'm a bit of a "Music Addict". I'm not the type of person that knows EVERY little thing about a particular artist, nor can I say I know every song under the sun of a particular artist. Heck, I can't even say I have a favorite artist and, or band. What I do know is that if anybody ask for suggestions for something they haven't heard, I could make a suggestion or two.

That being said, being the music addict I am, I need a good music player, which is one heck of a task to get a good one. I went through maybe 10 CD Players in my lifetime, and now on my third MP3 Player...

And it's an absolute piece of-


I got this MP3 player for free. It's an 8gb Copy MP836 model, retail price is supposedly over $100. I got the MP3 because it was a "thank you" gift from her job, seeing that she's worked there for a number of years. To me, this was one of my happier days in life, (yes, that means I don't have many, back off.) This came right after my previous MP3 Player, a 2gb Sansa Clip player stopped turning on, the deal was I get the 8gb Coby, and Mom got the 2gb Sansa, and even though the Sansa broke, she let me keep the Coby as long as I gave her my first MP3 player, some 516mb Sansa I had for some time.

At first, the Coby MP3 Player was great. It played far more songs than my Sansa, which meant I was able to re-add songs I had to delete off my Sansa. It could play videos, it could display text, meaning I could read the story I've been writing without being on the computer, and it had play speed control, nothing funnier that hearing bands with deeper voiced vocals like Pay Money to My Pain or even BEAT CRUSADERS belt out the song lyrics, sounding like Foamy the Squirrel. The random play on the Coby, which annoyed to no end on the Sansa, because it wasn't really random, not only did its job, but if I told it to go back a song, it would play the previous song, instead of play another random song.

But that's really the only pros, in comparison to way, way too many cons.

The first con I noticed was how hard it was to put the headphone plug into the headphone jack of the Coby. Took me about five minutes for me to figure out I had to be a little more rough I than I preferred. The same went with the USB port jack of the MP3 player. Again; had to be a bit rougher than I preferred. The Coby's touch screen functions was also a bit of a problem, it was too sensitive when I needed it to be less making it hard to travel with it, and not sensitive enough when I needed it to be, making it a hassle to scroll through songs. There's also a function on the Coby that's absolutely useless. It has some sort of lyric function nobody can figure out how it works or how to activate. Seeing that I usually just listen to Japanese music, I figured the function wouldn't be much of use in the first place, but I do have a number of English speaking music as well, so I would have liked to know what the heck it was.

But those problems I could deal with more or less. The biggest problem makes it almost impossible to play the thing. About a few months ago, either November or October, depending on whatever day of the month San Francisco's annual Alternative Press Expo convention was on, I was returning home from the convention. I was sitting at BARTs bus drop off and pick up station waiting for my bus to arrive when a sudden, and loud obnoxious sound came through my Coby. I whipped it out to see what was wrong, but the touch screen didn't light up. The thing suddenly, without warning or even the slightest shake, froze.

Now, unlike my previous MP3 Players, my Coby had a reset button, but I couldn't get to it, the button is so small, you need a paper clip the push it. But I was able to reset it the same way I reset my Sansa when it stopped working, and I put the incident behind me. About a week later, the incident occurred again, this time I used the reset button. A day later, it happened again.

The thing. Keeps. Freezing.

Remember that I mentioned I had to be a little tougher with the USB and Headphone jacks on the MP3 Player? Well it seems at the SLIGHTEST shake when either ports are plugged with, will make this thing go into a danged seizure! Not for travel, I get on BART way too much for that to be acceptable. Worse yet, now it'll just freeze for no reason!

I tried the common remedies people do to fix situations like this: Charge it for a good period of time, use a air can to clean out any dust, turn it on and off several times, reset it to its manufacture state, leave it alone for a few days.

I also tried going to Coby's official site for trouble shooting, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON THE SITE NOR THE MANUAL THAT CAME WITH IT FOR TROUBLESHOOTING. I tried emailing Coby, nothing, no solution, no help. I can't return the bloody thing, since it was a "Thank You" gift, meaning no receipt, and even so, I'm certain it's past the 90 day warranty that came with the MP3 Player.

I thought that I finally had a Music Player that would last me for a while. I listen to music almost all the time, when I'm writing, playing MMOs, drawing, even washing dishes or mopping the floor. It's a bit hard for me to function without a MP3 Player.

If this thing is really worth 100 bucks, I say Coby's screwballing their prices, because this thing is useless. Never dropped it, never been unnecessarily rough with it, and I kept it clean.

I swear, if I actually had money, I'd buy a iPod Touch, I'm so sick of getting shotty MP3 players, if shelling out 200 bucks is the only solution to get a MP3 that'll last longer than few months, I'd do it if I could afford it.

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