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Word of the week

Posted 10-13-2008 at 05:56 PM by TheCosmicLion
how fun is it to say the word boobies over and over again ! do itttttttt! repeat with meeeee! BooBIIESS <3333
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Call backs!

Posted 10-07-2008 at 12:59 PM by TheCosmicLion
im in!!

baaa~ freaking sight singing >_> i shouldve been on the group already QQ but w/e :3 Lakes said im lucky cos he only picks 2 freshmans or so :P

and lol! the guy that i like was there when i was singing >_< i hope he didnt listen
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school is awesome

Posted 10-07-2008 at 03:58 AM by TheCosmicLion
/is excited to go to school



No, not because i have bio quiz today. and not the fact that i have to sing in front of students whos auditioning for jazz choir either >_<




ill see him again


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F chord 8D

Posted 10-05-2008 at 02:28 PM by TheCosmicLion
Updated 10-05-2008 at 02:53 PM by TheCosmicLion
lol kay, so i was playing the guitar right. and i hate the first fret, soo my friend told me like a cheat to not do F chord on the first fret. i forgot wat F is. so i looked it up.. and when i saw the picture, my eyes went straight to the pattern of the dots................

just wanna share
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Westlife (=

Posted 10-05-2008 at 12:56 PM by TheCosmicLion

lol i love westy <3
tho i think Mark is gay, but w/e
go kian!
and shane!
and even tho theyre like rly old, and some of the members are gone theyre still awesome

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