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Kotarou demands bigger width!

Maria+Holic Ep1

Posted 01-09-2009 at 08:54 PM by RandomCrazyBuns
Gawr~School started, and with the bunny boxes(for those who play TO) I have less time to watch anime D:
Still i couldn't resisted doing a review on Maria+Holic. What makes this anime fascinating? Scroll and see.

The episode started with a scene showing us a blue haired girl in a car. In the background, a guy was heard reciting a chapter from Ame no Kisaki Academy Student Handbook: Every student at the school should always keep a pure, free, modest, faithful, curious, friendly...
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CLANNAD ~After Story~ - 13

Posted 01-09-2009 at 03:56 PM by Kotarou



The episode begins with Tomoya wanting to tell Akio something important;- however, Akio is messing around as usual, and almost runs off (after Sanae) again, but is stopped by Tomoya. He wants to discuss something serious with him, but to Akio, "serious" means baseball.

Tomoya agrees to the baseball match
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REVIEW: Hakushaku to Yōsei (Earl and Fairy)

Posted 01-07-2009 at 06:18 PM by The Anime MMOG
Updated 01-07-2009 at 06:28 PM by Catharsis
Hakushaku to Yōsei (伯爵と妖精, “Earl and Fairy”)
Genre: Fantasy, Love-Romance, Shoujo
Year: 2008
Episodes: 12 episodes (season 1 completed)

It is 19th century England. A young lady named Lydia, a “fairy doctor” who can see and interact with fairies, is on a ship heading to London to see her father when she encounters a dashing man who introduces...
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Bokurano, Episodes 2 and 3

Posted 01-06-2009 at 10:33 PM by The Anime MMOG
Updated 01-21-2009 at 09:16 PM by Mitchi
Bokurano episodes 2 and 3

Episode 2 - The drama continues and the pace picks up a little bit. They continue the whole "wait till the episode is half over before the mecha fight" shtick, in an effort to increase the drama. I still don't know the names of half of these kids, but so far, I'm hooked. HUGE plot device in this one, so It's not one to be missed if you decide you wanna skip episodes in this series (like many people did with .hack//sign).

Episode 3...
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Bokurano Episode 1

Posted 01-05-2009 at 09:16 PM by The Anime MMOG
Updated 01-21-2009 at 09:16 PM by Mitchi
Hey there. Mitchi here, since we've been having problems getting me added to the group, Kotarou was so kind as to let me post my reviews using the main account for the blog until the problem gets fixed.

A word of warning for my reviews: They may at times be spoiler ridden and sometimes biased (though I tend to try to make my reviews as unbiased as I can, everything still ends up being tainted by opinion). I also don't generally do screenshot reviews, as I watch most of my stuff away...
Tags: bokurano, drama, mecha
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