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Katekyo Hitman Reborn Ep115

Posted 02-27-2009 at 05:14 PM by RandomCrazyBuns
This time on KHR we see the continuation of the fight between Gokudera and Gamma. But first we see Bianca commenting on how well Chrome is recovering. We then see Chrome dreaming about Ken and Chikusa and of course Muroko.

Chrome getting better

The scene changes to Lambo and I-pin, who were chasing an intruder. We see them getting all flustered at the sight of the intruder but we can’t see who it is. (pfft cliffhanger)

Some Hibari screen time as we see him deal with the Phantoms. This time a Nicholas Captain appeared, and commanded the Phantoms to defeat Hibari. Hibari used his porcupine box weapon and brought down the house (Literally), effectively ending the fight.

New stuff that can power up X-Burner

We also see Tsuna and Spanner trying to tweak the X-Burner into perfect form. Spanner gave a pair of high tech contacts to Tsuna, thereby allowing him to better balance the energy out-put of his X-Burner. Gianini however questioned the reliability of the contacts. Spanner argues his case by saying that the contacts are already in used for a certain box weapon, so it is definitely reliable.

We then see Irie Shoichi, who was analyzing the situation of the Vongola team. The scene then change back to Gokudera, who was recalling how he came about learning to use System C.A.I. He first tried to understand it by opening a box and that was how Uri was born. (Yay Uri<3) We then learn a bit more on the box weapons from Gokudera’s memory, as he flashbacked to his sister’s lecture on the box weapons. While Gokudera was pondering, Uri took the chance to play with his box weapon. And got all hissy when Gokudera yelled at him. (XD)


We see Bianca reminiscing about her relationship with Gokudera, while on the other hand we see Gokudera finally figuring out System C.A.I. We turned back to Gokudera’s fight with Gamma, with Gamma taunting him, saying that there’s no way Gokudera can hit him again. Gokudera used his Sun flame coated attack and hit Gamma. Gokudera ended the episode by confirming that he has the ability to use all 5 types of flames, and System C.A.I is relying on this particular ability to power up and become stronger.

He's got style

New ending song! And Uri screen time! Yeah I pretty happy with this episode as I gotta see bishies and kitties.

Edit: I just realise my posts are getting shorter and shorter._. Blame the anime(cut to 15 mins?) and Haru Haru interview._.

Next up, KHR Ep 116! (We see Gamma’s box weapons’ animal form!)

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