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Katekyo Hitman Reborn Ep114

Posted 02-08-2009 at 01:26 AM by RandomCrazyBuns
Yay there’s Uri in this episode

And so the episode begins with Ryohei in a slump after getting hit by Gamma’s attack. This time, Gamma has his sight set on the bounded-up Gokudera. Before he could launch his attack he was stopped by Ryohei, who healed himself with his sun box. Gamma tried to “send him to the gates of heaven” by launching another attack, Ryohei countered by sending his boxing kangaroo at Gamma. Garyuu was defeated soundly by Gamma’s overwhelming power.

The scene turns to Tsuna, Spanner and Reborn’s hologram image. Tsuna is seen worrying about his separated friends and Reborn chided him, telling him to have trust in his friends. Moreover Reborn tells him that he has enough problems to worry about himself. (Aka completing X-Burner)

We now see Kyoko, Haru and the two chibis (Lambo and I-Pin) scrubbing Ryohei’s old gloves. The two chibis were fighting over one of the gloves and Kyoko was nice enough to give them the other one to play-I mean to scrub.

Gamma VS Ryohei

We are brought back to Ryohei’s fight with Gamma. Ryohei is still being pwned by Gamma._. Gokudera tries to help by opening one of his box, the only box he can reach while being tied up. And…out jumps our favourite kitty Uri. Plenty of Uri action as he ignored Gokudera’s pleas for help, but got all hissy at the sight of Gamma. Uri leaps at Gamma, only to be knocked back by the rejuvenated Ryohei. Ryohei activated his high speed healing while trying to hold off Gamma’s next attack. However Gamma proves to be too stronger even for our determined boxer. Ryohei decided to stop resisting and let himself be defeated in order to free Gokudera from his bonds. Gamma decided to finish off Ryohei with one last parting shot, only to have his attack be reflected away by Gokudera’s box weapon.

CAI system in action

It’s time for Gokudera to go up against Gamma. It seems that Gokudera’s box weapons are Innocenti boxes, which are sought after by rich people. Gamma decided that he will defeat Gokudera and sell his boxes for a high price.

On the other hand, Reborn is advising Tsuna to listen to Spanner and perfect his technique. Meanwhile Takeshi and Lal Mirch are still lost.


The scene turns back to Gokudera’s fight and we see Gamma’s attack being blocked by Gokudera’s box weapon. Gokudera then counterattacked, shooting a cannon blast at Gamma. Gamma tries to block the attack with his lightning barrier, but finds that even with the strong barrier Gokudera’s attack could still pass through. He then risked damage by getting close to the blast to try and decipher what the flame of the blast was made from. It turns out that Gokudera used two kinds of flames together to create his flame cannon. Not to mention that Gokudera was capable to produce other kinds of flame other than his own, thus allowing him to create attacks like the Flame Cannon.

Woot continuation of long fights <3 Go Go Gokudera~ (And Uri!)
Also we see that there might be some Tsuna action next episode. (I can’t wait for that)
Next episode might be more exciting, as we see CAI system in action. Where will the story continue from now on? Stay to find out!
Next up, KHR Ep 115! >0<

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