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Katekyo Hitman Reborn Ep113

Posted 02-01-2009 at 04:27 AM by RandomCrazyBuns

(Actually the episode started with Byakuran plotting. Here’s to Byakuran fans.)

The story picked up where it left off, with Gokudera and Ryohei facing off Gamma. Gokudera had a flashback to his defeat at the hands of Gamma, getting all hot headed. Ryohei though kept a leveled head and analysed the situation, thinking that it seems weird to have met Gamma. It turns out that Gamma was walking towards the control room when the base shifted. Gamma then explained that the base was built specially for movement. Like a grid puzzle, any room can be shifted anywhere to one’s liking. Gamma took the chance to execute his revenge. Gokudera, wanting the same thing stepped towards him, only to be tied down by Ryohei’s sun box rope. Gamma hinted that he has become much stronger, and that Ryohei even with the combined strength of Hibari, cannot defeated him.

The scene changes and we see Tsuna, Spanner and the knockover Mini-Mosca. It appears that Spanner lost a piece of equipment and is looking for it. Tsuna took the chance and grabbed his dying will pills, planning his escape.

Cute Mini-Mosca?

The scene changes again and we see Takeshi and Lal Mirch. Takeshi decided to rely on his instinct to find a way back to his friends. (Instinct? Is he an animal? ._.)

We then see Ryohei in a heated battle with Gamma. Ryohei’s first punch missed Gamma completely as he flew into the air to evade the attack. Gamma then launches his cue ball attack Shot Attack, causing cue balls to surround Ryohei. Ryohei having heard of the technique from Gokudera and Takeshi before tried to evade the attack by hiding behind a cover. His attempt failed as the new and improved technique shot concentrated lightings at Ryohei.

We took a break from the battle and returned to the Vongola base, seeing Kyouko, Haru , Lambo and I-Pin. Kyouko felt a disturbance in the atmosphere while holding her brother’s gloves. There was something about the gloves being old and worn and the gang decided to surprise Ryohei by polishing the gloves.
Hibari action is shown for 2 seconds with us seeing him defeating the last of the Phantoms. (Even shorter this time._.)

We see Tsuna and Spanner again, with Spanner announcing that his experiments are done, and wanting Tsuna to get into Hyper Mode. Surprised, Tsuna replied that what happens if he escaped? Spanner replied with confidence that they had a tight security, beside he promised to help Tsuna finish X-Burner. A voice came from beside Tsuna, agreeing with what Spanner said about finishing X-Burner. We see Reborn ‘standing’ beside Tsuna. Excited, Tsuna tried to hug him, only to find him as a hologram image. It turns out that this was one of the features of Tsuna’s headphone, Gianini’s invention. Tsuna heard from Reborn that the rest were doing fine, though separated, and Reborn chided him for being so relaxed.

Reborn looking relaxed

The episode ended with Irie Shoichi stating that it is of utmost importance to retrieve the rest of the Vongola rings.

I finally got a way to solve the problem of the “less than 6 pictures per post for fear of bandwidth/loading/whatever” ‘restriction’
And that’s why you see me attempting to combine some pictures into animated gif. Disclaimer: As this is only a experiment, please tell me if you like/hate it and give a reason. Thankies~

Right on to the main point, KHR finally had a ‘long’ (one that last more than 1 episode) fight. Thank you thank you thank you<3 Not to mention this episode has promise of being the turning point of the continuation of the plot. Will Tsuna escape? Will Ryohei beat Gamma? Will Gokudera make his way out of that sun rope? Will HIBARI have more screen time? (Very important point this is :x) Next up! KHR Ep 114!

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