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Kuroshitsuji Episode 11

Posted 01-21-2009 at 06:34 PM by Ascherit
Updated 01-21-2009 at 07:18 PM by Ascherit
Pretty late, I know, but subs for Ep. 11 just came out a few days ago. :S Also, I gave up trying to bannerize this blog -- yay laziness.

Kuroshitsuji 11

Episode begins with the re-introduction of Elizabeth, aka that-annoying-girl-I-really-hate. Sorry, but I really don't know what Toboso Yana was thinking when she was developing Ms. Happy-go-lucky's character. Anyways, she storms into Ciel's mansion and gives him the pretty blue ring she found for his birthday present in order to compensate for the one she deliberately broke. Oh yeah, did I mention that it's little Phantomhive's birthday today? Best birthday wishes to our 13 year old tyrant-in-the-making!

As Lizzie hands him the small jewelry box, she notices the ring she broke on Ciel's thumb, and immediately questions Ciel about its reappearance. Ciel replies that his butler repaired it and remarks that repairing the ring was a job that any simpleton could do. Disappointed, Lizzie storms back out of the mansion with her own shiny blue ring still in this little red box.

After Lizzie leaves, Sebastian questions Ciel about his upcoming birthday plans. We're then introduced with a flashback of Ciel's 10th birthday, which was the day his he lost his parents, the day his house burned down, and the day he was kidnapped by a bunch of pedophiles and branded like on-the-market cattle. No wonder the kid's so apathetic. Poor guy. After the flashback, Ciel tells Sebastian that parties are lame and that he did not desire one.


Meanwhile, Lizzie is stuck in her carriage, emoing to her caretaker about her disappointment. Her blue ring begins to shine as she hears the melody of 'My Fair Lady' (is that the name?) being played by the circus dude (who we now know is called Drosell) from outside. Lizzie follows the strange man to a doll shop and tells him about her problems and innermost secrets. I guess her dominatrix mother never taught her about the dangers of strangers. (lol I rhymed) Drosell offers to help Lizzie in her predicament about Ciel's birthday present by offering to give her anything she wanted from his shop. Unbeknownst to Lizzie, that was actually a code phrase for 'hey, you're actually gonna be the present, haha!', and he puts her to sleep with his weird circus hypnotism.

Pick a finger, any finger.

Right after Lizzie gets put to sleep, Ciel is relayed by Sebastian that his fiancee is missing, and he is also delivered a request from the Queen to solve a case of missing loli girls. Ciel correlates his missing fiancee to the missing loli cases, and rushes off to find the culprit. As Ciel and Sebastian ride in the carriage, Ciel commands his butlerman to hop out of the moving vehicle and investigate the crime scenes of the missing girls, leaving himself to search for Lizzie's whereabouts.

And then out of no where, we're re-introduced with a very nostalgic and rather flamboyant face.

LOOK UP IN THE SKY! It's a bird! It's a plane!-- Oh wait, no, it's just a homosexual butlerman.

Grell is in town again, and this time, he wants to take Sebastian back to hell with him to do some very NSFW things. He meets up with Ciel (who now has Pluto with him) and gives a very heart-warming speech about love and passion and other romantic crap. Ciel was not very delighted to encounter the man who killed his beloved Auntie. Although before he found the chance to give the red butlerman a piece of his mind, Pluto picks up on Lizzie's scent and drags Ciel down a deserted alley. Grell hates being ignored, so he follows Ciel & co. into the same doll shop that Lizzie is trapped in.

Pluto finds a doll that looks quite familiar to Ciel's fiancee. Ciel is surprised by its appearance and comes to the immediate conclusion that the doll IS Lizzie. Oh snap.

Made in Chin--London.

However, Ciel regains some hope about Lizzie as he finds that one of the doors in the shop lead to a Hallow Bastion-esque castle. How do they fit a castle in the back of a small shop in an alley in London? Yeah, I don't know either. So Ciel rushes through the door like a knight ready to save his princess...but before that, he demands Grell to protect him. Grell did not easily oblige and told Ciel that he could not be bought like women were with money. However, Grell readily agrees to help him when Ciel offers the homosexual man a day with his favorite black butler with no limits attached. Oh ho ho.

Homo powers, activate!

As Ciel & co. zerg rush into the castle, they're confronted by doll-like humans that are ready to protect their home. Coincidentally, they look just like the girls who have gone missing in London. Ciel leaves Grell and Pluto to take care of the mess and runs further into the castle in search of Lizzie. Lol @ Grell's new 'death scythe'.

Ciel rushes up to the tower, his head now filled with 'My Fair Lady' and memories of being branded by pedophiles. He encounters Drosell on the way, and after a very vague conversation about dolls and gold, Ciel continues up the stairs and finally reaches the top of the tower. He is reunited with Sebastian, and the episode ends with Sebastian remarking about how horrible Ciel's birthday has been. First he loses his parents, and now he'll lose his fiancee. I wouldn't mind that, though.

"Sir, you're quite late."

AND SO...THE PLOT THICKENS. -insert dramatic music here- I liked the re-intro of Grell -- it lightened the suspenseful mood and I had a nice laugh or two at some of his homosexual comments. Oh, Grell, you.

Episode Rating: 7.6/10

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  1. Kotarou's Avatar
    You know, I think my friend(s) and you would get along JUST FINE

    Posted 01-21-2009 at 06:38 PM by Kotarou Kotarou is offline
  2. miyasha's Avatar
    im quite upset that they never showed Sebastian's reation to their "deal". i'd love to see the look on his face if he found out his beloved master sold him that easely xD

    im still not a fan of Grell by any means, but danm, who can truely hate that she-male after this episode? he tottaly cosplayed Sailor Moon

    and i hope i wasnt the only one who thought of Harry Potter when Ciel found that castle with that BGM and all.
    Posted 01-23-2009 at 05:36 AM by miyasha miyasha is offline
  3. Hiratori's Avatar
    Haha, it's Grell. ;P
    Posted 01-24-2009 at 01:13 AM by Hiratori Hiratori is offline
  4. Ascherit's Avatar
    lmao, the castle looked more like hallow bastion from KH to me XD
    Posted 01-24-2009 at 08:57 PM by Ascherit Ascherit is offline
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