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Kotarou demands bigger width!
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Junjou Romantica Ep3

Posted 01-20-2009 at 03:32 AM by RandomCrazyBuns
Updated 01-21-2009 at 09:02 PM by RandomCrazyBuns (I kept forgetting to make my posts under Anime category. Next time i do that, someone slap me please>_<)
The episode begins with Misaki venting his frustrations about the mountain of strawberries he got from Haruhiko, Akihiko’s older brother. Akihiko, however is not sympathizing him, and even says to him that if he really doesn’t want them, why not start by refusing the on-coming boxes of strawberries?

Wow baby smooth skin, the envy of all women.

Misaki upon hearing this had a flashback, which shows us how the strawberries came about. Because he said “I like strawberries” to Haruhiko, Akihiko’s older brother decided to send Misaki boxes of strawberries every day. And now, the jealous Akihiko had also started buying strawberry products for Misaki. (lolwut) Furthermore, when Misaki tried to call back to Haruhiko in order to stop the flow of strawberries, he found out that Usagi-ani (what he calls Haruhiko) didn’t left his number on the delivery slip. To top that, Akihiko refused to give him Haruhiko’s number. (lol~ Usagi-san is jealous~ >\\\<)

The scene turns to Misaki in his school, talking to Sumi-senpai. Sumi is thanking Misaki for the strawberries he gave him before, saying that they were delicious. Upon hearing this, Misaki eagerly(?) asked him to take home some strawberry cake. Sumi decided to help him out by getting random nearby girls (classmates I think) to take some cake too. He then commented on how popular Akihiko was at the Kikukawa Award party. Misaki then asked him how did he knew all these, and he said that he saw them in a magazine. Misaki then jokes about how Sumi is always following Akihiko’s news even when he’s not a fan. Sumi replies by toying(?) with Misaki. (don’t worry he’s just playing) After toying(?) with Misaki, Sumi asked if he’s free to go to the school festival, and hearing that he has no plans, ropes Misaki in for some help to decorate the haunted house that his activity club is in charged of.

While Misaki is walking out of his school, thinking about the abnormalities of Usagi-san, he finds ‘one of them’, Haruhiko waiting for him at the school gate. Misaki begins to find that though they look nothing alike, the Usami brothers are very similar in their cores. (lol indeed) Misaki grabs the chance to ask Haruhiko to stop sending him the strawberries. After about 5 seconds of miscommunication and 2 seconds of passerby’s comments, Haruhiko decided to grab Misaki and head for home, saying that he wants to hear a proper reason for rejecting his strawberry gifts. As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat, Misaki follows him home. Unfortunately, Akihiko, who was also here to pick up Misaki, saw him in Haruhiko’s car, speeding away.

Meanwhile Misaki was gaping at the sheer size and decorations of Usami’residence. There he meets the bulter of the residence, Seba- I mean Tanaka-san. Misaki feels that he was rather out of place in such a grand place, Tanaka came to inform him that Haruhiko is busy with his work, and that he would join him shortly. During their conversation, Misaki let it slip that he was living with Akihiko. Tanaka made a surprised face, and when Misaki tried to defend Akihiko, Tanaka explained that the reason why he was surprised was that Akihiko wasn’t the type to allow people near him. Misakai then learns more about Akihiko’s past from Tanaka, and also Haruhiko. It turns out that the two brothers were of different mothers. Just then Haruhiko came into the room, silencing Tanaka.

Misaki learning more about Akihiko.

Haruhiko tries to forcefully retain Misaki in the house.

Misaki took the opportunity to ask Haruhiko to stop sending him strawberries. But a slip of his tongue made Haruhiko decided to send cherries instead. (._.)Haruhiko then said that he had made arrangements for Misaki to stay in the residence, and that by staying at Akihiko’s might cause some problems later on. Misaki got angry at Haruhiko for butting his nose at someone else’s problem. In the middle of their quarrel, Akihiko called. Haruhiko then locks Misaki in a room while he answered the call. Misaki tried to call for help from a window in the room but no one was within range.(yeah the place is BIG) He then looks through the things in the room and discovered that when Akihiko was young, he had frequented the same room.

Young Akihiko.

Whoa stunts._.

While he was locked in the room, Akihiko came to the house looking for Misaki. He and Haruhiko got into a spat. Just then the dog in the house started barking and tugging at Akihiko’s pants. Akihiko and Tanaka followed the dog, which led them to Misaki, who was trying to escape using bed sheets through the window. As it always happens in movies, the plan failed and Misaki fell when the bed sheets tore. Akihiko then carried(cradled) Misaki and announced that he would not let Haruhiko off lightly if he attempts to steal Misaki away again. He then followed it by a kiss (Yes in front of others >////<)and left.
When they’re back in Akihiko’s car, the jealous bunny (Usagi-san) started questioning Misaki. This was followed by flirting and more junjou moments >\\\\<
They finally returned back to Akihiko’s house, and Misaki was reminded that Akihiko had wrote fiction stories when he young in the room where Misaki was trapped. In his stories, no matter how sad they were, the main character always had happy endings. He feels that Akihiko must have been lonely when he wrote them and he want to ask him about it. But he couldn’t as he felt that it would be a bother to Akihiko. The episode ends with Misaki thinking that the only thought he had while trapped in the room was to return to Akihiko as soon as possible.

Oh, and the onslaught of fruits continues, in the form of cherries.

I love Junjou and so should you!
Actually no. I’ll give you a breakdown of what’s to like about this anime and you can decide for yourself.

What do I like about Junjou Romantica
It’s Junjou, which means pure innocent love. I like sappy lovey dovey stories that end in the characters living happily ever after. Comedy is always welcome. I also like how they would go back and focus on one pair of characters after the ‘happily ever after’ part and give more information on their daily lives. Everytime we see a tiny setback in their relationship it adds to the fullness and completeness of the characters: they are more alive and lovable with their flaws and feelings. Usagi-san’s a grown man, but he acts like a little kid every now and then. This is what makes him lovable. Haruhiko takes things too literally, this trait make him less of a serious and suspicious character (when he first appear), rather an amusingly adorable man.

What I don’t really like about Junjou Romantica
They made each episode like it was an individual chapter on its own. Everything begins and ends in the same chapter (usually). As a result, you would find yourself wondering about this particular character in this particular episode. You can’t really get into the story because you know so little about each character and you can’t put yourself in their shoes.

Watch if you like:
Love stories
Doesn’t mean same gender relationships (A MUST)

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  1. Catharsis's Avatar
    I follow Junjou Romatica. ^_^ It gets cheesy sometimes, but it grows on you. Terrorist pair ftw.
    Posted 01-20-2009 at 04:35 AM by Catharsis Catharsis is offline
  2. PedroRomero's Avatar
    you said you odn't like it because it's very spidodic... meaning each episode can kinda of stand alone or whatever. i think the original manga this is based off is in the format so they were trying to keep that feel i guess. i heard it's just snapshots in the life of various couples.
    Posted 01-20-2009 at 01:06 PM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
  3. RandomCrazyBuns's Avatar
    Yeah i've tried the manga to see what it's like. The anime follows its style as well. Can be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you're into this kinda presentation.
    Posted 01-21-2009 at 09:03 PM by RandomCrazyBuns RandomCrazyBuns is offline
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