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Maria+Holic Ep1

Posted 01-09-2009 at 08:54 PM by RandomCrazyBuns
Gawr~School started, and with the bunny boxes(for those who play TO) I have less time to watch anime D:
Still i couldn't resisted doing a review on Maria+Holic. What makes this anime fascinating? Scroll and see.

The episode started with a scene showing us a blue haired girl in a car. In the background, a guy was heard reciting a chapter from Ame no Kisaki Academy Student Handbook: Every student at the school should always keep a pure, free, modest, faithful, curious, friendly and an eternal maiden heart. The Virgin Mary will lead the girls of Ame no Kisaki to eternal happiness.The scene turns to our blue hair girl addressing her deceased mother in the heavens. She hopes that like her mother, she would also find her destined love in Ame no Kisaki Academy.

On her first day of school, the blue hair girl got lost. To her relief she saw another girl clad in maid outfit walking towards her. But before she can finish her question she was cut off by the girl, who called her ‘piggy girl’. There was a moment of surprise while our blue hair girl tries to make sense of her words. Our poor girl was insulted some more, getting worked up when she was called ‘as tall as the earful(?It might be a mistranslation? Eiffel tower?) tower’

Gawh princess!

Just then, someone called out to the maid like girl, Matsurika. The scene turns to a blond girl. The helpful girl brings Kanako, our blue hair girl, around the school. It turns out that the blond hair girl is call Shidou Maria, who is going to be a high schooler tomorrow during the opening ceremony. We learns that Kanako is a second year in high school, and that her transfer was successful probably due to her parents being both from the school. Kanako finds herself telling Maria that she would want to have the same experience as her parents, that she could meet someone destined here in the school. When Maria replied that all the male teachers in the school are aged and asked if she has a boyfriend, Maria hastily answered that she couldn’t be in contact with guys. After praising Kanako is a lovely girl, Maria stood on tip toes and kissed her on the cheeks. While Kanako was lost in her thoughts still thinking about that kiss, Maria bids her goodbye for she has archery practice, but promised her to show her around the school after her practice. It was only when Maria left that Kanako discovers hives on her arm, a condition that only appears when she has had contacts with a guy.

The scene turns to Maria at the archery practice field. Matsurika the maid asked Maria why did she kissed Kanako. Maria replied that she was just teasing the new student, and beside she was allowed to have some breathing space after putting girl’s uniform and acting like a good student.

We now see Kanako asking a girl with cat ears information on Maria. The cat girl is in fact the dorms’ teacher. (she looks 14._.) We are also introduced to Yonakuni, a weird looking dog. (Female) We see an amusing conversation exchange between the two (Neko mimi~<3) and Kanako was introduced to her roommate, Ishima Ryouken, a third year student. Ishima offered to show Kanako around the school, but was refused as Kanako remembers her promise with Maria.

Neko mimi~

This looks like a scene from Mai-hime._. Anyone a fan?

While Kanako waits for Maria outside the archery club, she meets a girl was offers to bring her to Maria. Kanako thought she hears the voice of Matsurika and Maria, and walking into the room where the voice came about, she saw Matsurika trying to ‘help’ Maria into her corset. She also saw Matsurike helping Maria to implant her fake breasts. (xD)

I just need a little help that’s all, been eating too much later…

Maria calmly reverts into the pretty girl act, as if nothing happened. Kanako, unable to bear it any longer, got angry at Maria and erm..-coughgrabshimunderhisskirtcough-. Maria, unable to hide the truth, started talking in his own (male) voice, stating that he was no gay and was no cross dresser. He then accused Kanako, saying that she is the one with a problem, looking for her fated one in a female school. Kanako rebuked, saying that guys are dirty and scary. Being the straightforward guy he is, Maria started to insult Kanako, saying that she’s too tall and big-breasted. Maria then threatened Kanako to keep his secret by showing her Matsurika’s chest and claiming that Kanako assaulted her and he screamed for help. (Lolwut)

Gawh nosebleeds!

Your majesty-sama, oh so sparkly

Kanako ended up surrendering to the devil (her words exactly) only to return to her dorm not into the arms of Ryouken, but the devil. (and his maid) It turns out that Maria was afraid that Kanako would leak his secret and decided to keep her under constant surveillance. 24 hours surveillance to be exact.

Seriously this remains me so much of the Mai series that I don’t know what to say.(Kanako looks like Mai only with blue hair, don’t you think?) Kanako is a lecherous girl, Maria is hilarious. The characters themselves are great fun, yet I can’t help thinking that Maria+Holic seems to be a series made up of loads of other series. I see so many similar/familiar scenes in episode 1. Since the series is so new and the story hasn’t really gotten any deeper, we shall wait and see what Maria+Holic brings us.

Oh, one thing I like about the series is the way they present the anime. There’s a ‘film’ feel to the anime, making you feel like you’re watching a 70s French movie. I like it. I also like how they present Kanako’s inner feelings, kinda have a flashback feel to it, with chibi Kanako nose bleeding or blushing 80% of the time. XD

Watch if you like
-Cross dressing boys
-Pretty characters for you to drool at (Boys girls alike)
-Like anime like junjou romantic (lol, not really a criteria but still)
-Like old french movies (also not really a criteria, but it’s refreshing)

Till next time~

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