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Bokurano, Episodes 2 and 3

Posted 01-06-2009 at 10:33 PM by The Anime MMOG
Updated 01-21-2009 at 09:16 PM by Mitchi
Bokurano episodes 2 and 3

Episode 2 - The drama continues and the pace picks up a little bit. They continue the whole "wait till the episode is half over before the mecha fight" shtick, in an effort to increase the drama. I still don't know the names of half of these kids, but so far, I'm hooked. HUGE plot device in this one, so It's not one to be missed if you decide you wanna skip episodes in this series (like many people did with .hack//sign).

Episode 3 - Starts from where episode 2 leaves off, but with more drama in this one and no Mecha fighs. At all. There's a lot of drama and a hint of character development in here, as well as the thickening of the overall plot. I'm still intrigued though, as they also reveal another nice little plot piece here.

And now, for a more in depth (and spoilery!) review.

Episode 2 - Zearth

Okay, it starts out with a lot of "What the hell is going on in this game" dialogue going around, with a lot of emphasis on a cetain kid named Waku. Finally, I learn someone's name! Waku likes soccer, apparently. Yay, Character development!

Anyways, this episode also introduces a new character, this creepy Half mushroom, half Bonta-kun (see Full metal Panic! Fumofu) named Dung beetle. Wait...Dung beetle? Really? Well, I've seen weirder.

The kids begin to question Dung Beetle about the nature of the robot, and the nature of the game. After chewing them out for a lack of manners, Dung beetle shows them a little more about the robot.

When they are teleported into the Mech, 14 chairs appear, all of them having special significance to one of the 14 children who joined the game. After they find their respective chairs, Dung beetle mentions something about one kid piloting the contraption. Dun dun dun!

It's not that dramatic thought.

More conversation! Apparently Waku quit playing soccer because he didn't know if he truly enjoyed the game or was just playing it to be good at it, or something like that. I like anime that show inner conflicts like this, it's a good break from the Nakama filled goody goody Shonen I'm so used to.

Anyways, halfway through the episode, another enemy appears!

They spend a few minutes learning a bit more about how to control the robot, and they all decide on a name for it: Z-earth. Catchy.

So a battle ensues.

Then drama.

This spoiler tag is here fora reason, Read at your own risk!!!!!

And so the episode ends with everything still pretty veiled in mystery.

Episode 3 - Secret

WARNING: Contains spoilers for episode 2. Read at your own risk.

Yeah...remember that Huge wave and huge spoiler from the battle in Episode 2?

Wondering about all the collateral damage from that fight?

That's what this episode is about. The kids are being investigated for being on the beach when the attack happened, and are being questioned through the whole episode.

Not much of anything happens except for

Anyways, One of the girls comes clean to the authorities that they, the kids, were piloting one of the robots.

Some big wigs come in to investigate about Waku, and find out the only plot device of this episode (and the only important thing that happens:


I'm hooked on this series, and I'll be doing double reviews like this for a while, since I'm gonna be watching it in order to see what happens. That And I've got a good long cue of older anime to watch and review. Holy crap!

Verdict after these three episodes:

From what I see, the formula won't change at all. If you haven't gotten into the series as of the first three episodes, you probably won't ever get into it.

However, if you actually like it (like me) it's looking like it's only going to get more exciting from here.

Happy watching.

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