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Natsume Yujinchou Ep11

Posted 01-02-2009 at 09:16 PM by RandomCrazyBuns
This time I’ll be writing about Natsume Yuujinchou. Not as popular as the mainstream series, Natsume Yuujinchou is actually a very touching series. If you like light series that will give you a warm feeling then this is a must watch. Those who are not into this might fall asleep after one episode. Think of it this way, Natsume Yuujinchou is a lighter, non action version of Kekkaishi.(Another series that not many people watch?._.)

The episode started with Nyanko sensei stalking some sparrows. In his case, being round (fat) equals non agile, and his pounce net him a full face of dirt as he fall into a fissure. There he met a young girl who had also fallen into fissure and couldn’t climb out. Nyanko wanted to leave the girl where she was and returned to Natsume’s house. However the girl clinged on to him and won’t let him leave. Nyanko was mildly irritated, and thought to himself “This is why I dislike humans”.

Back in the house, Touko found out that the shrimps in the fridge are gone. Natsume went and confronted Nyanko, and in the heat of their quarrel, Nyanko accidentally stepped on (and broke) a CD Natsume borrowed from his friend. In a fit of anger, Natsume chased Nyanko away.

Nyanko, you need to slim down orz

Nyanko trying to swallow the shrimps while Natsume gives him the evil eye.

Nyanko wandered to the clearing of the resident ayakashis and happened to overhear the ayakashis’ conversation. It turned out that they were bad mouthing him, saying that he’s a bad drunk who ate too much and was also horribly tone deaf. The result? Let’s just say it’s not pretty for the ayakashis…

After tormenting the ayakashis, Nyanko turned into female form and wandered into the city area, meeting two of Natsume’s classmates. He(she) then ripped off the two poor boys by eating and playing in a nearby restaurant and arcade.

Nyanko in female form. Who says girls can’t drive?

The scene turned to Natsume, who went shopping in order to replace the cracked CD courtesy of Nyanko.

While Nyanko was out playing(sulking), Natsume and his family misses him. Natsume finds a Maneki Neko and mistook it as Nyanko, while the real Nyanko hid from his sight and made snide remarks.(Yeah I know, petty isn’t he)

The worried Natsume heard from his classmates that Nyanko lurks near the arcade. There he met his classmate and a little girl who was looking forward to the picnic with her parents. When he returned from his search, he found… a kitty waiting for him at the entrance.

Nyanko meanwhile met up with his ‘friend’, Enkou. Enkou appeared to want the Book of Friends for himself. Nyanko, upon hearing this attacked him. Enkou taunted him, saying that he was apparently too attached to humans. This makes Nyanko even angrier, making him fought harder and fiercer. After the fight, Nyanko justifed his actions by saying that he was NOT attached to humans, and that he was just protecting the Book of Friends. In need of some consolation, Nyanko returns home to a shocking scene: Natsume smiling at and playing with the new kitty. Depressed, Nyanko went to the clearing of ayakashis and got drunk.

OMG my food, my Natsume. MINE!;_;

Nyanko wakes up with a hangover and was hungry. The scene shows us what happened at the start of the episode. It turns out that the fight betweent Natsume and Nyanko was a flashback. Nyanko is still trapped with the little girl. Knowing Nyanko is hungry, the girl offers a piece of her chocolate to him. We realize that the girl trapped with Nyanko is the same girl Natsume met outside the arcade, and that her parents couldn’t come with her on the picnic so she went alone and then fell into the fissure.

Natsume on the other hand, walks into his room and saw newspaper bits all over the floor. Thinking that it was Nyanko who did this, he calls out only to find the little kitty in the room.

Gah stop you’re strangl-gawr~

Nyanko and the little girl now face a problem: It was raining and the girl while trying to protect Nyanko from the rain, was strangling him. (Ok she was hugging him, but tightly) The girl was upset and started crying, saying that she was sorry to have held back Nyanko when he was about to leave. As the girl cries herself to sleep, Nyanko thought to himself that humans were bizarre creatures. Even though they’re weak they still tries so hard to protect others. Nyanko then thought of Natsume, about how weak he was, but still tries his best to help and protect others.

Nyanko in his true form. Feels like howl’s moving castle

The next morning, the little girl woke up to find herself flying on the back of Nyanko. Nyanko deposited her outside a police station, and while spying on her to make sure that she’s ok, he heard Natsume calling him. Feeling happy but refused to admit it, Nyanko ran towards Natsume.

Ok so like I’ve said, not many people have watched this series but it’s good. This episode is one of the few that will leave you with a smile. You see the change of an ayakashi who couldn’t care less about humans into a being that is concern about his human friend. Nyanko is a very human ayakashi, he acts like any human who just had a quarrel with his friend, but still cares about him despite all he said. Nyanko is glutinous, petty, playful, loyal and so much more. But most of all he’s not straight forward with his feelings. Especially feelings that he thinks that might make him look weak. Yet he can’t subdue the emotions that he knows are developing, which ends up with him being awkward when faced with Natsume.

I loved the way Nyanko is, it makes him more alive and let’s us connect to him as compared to Natsume, the main character of the show. I love Natsume too, he’s more alive than we think. Your flaws make you human, and we love you for them. (That and I like cats <3) [Besides we love your drunken singing]

Watch if you
-Likes thought provoking, touching, light hearted anime

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