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Katekyou Hitman Reborn Ep111

Posted 12-29-2008 at 08:20 PM by RandomCrazyBuns
Hi everyone, Arc here. Doing my very first entry on KHR.
I might write about other series later but since i'm watching KHR now...I might as well write about it -shrugs-

So like always the episode begins with a recap of Tsuna getting accepted by the former Vongola leaders and getting the X Gloves, Tsuna’s worries about not being able to return to the past, the attacks from Millefiore Family and the attack on Melone Base. During a fierce battle, Tsuna was caught and separated from the rest.
Meanwhile, Ryohei pursues the fleeing Baishana, defeating him and his box weapon, a Tsuchinoko, thereby winning the battle.

The gang gets separated. Aw, Takeshi’s so sweet looking after Lal Mirch.

Weird, Weak and Wigged. Cappuccino and his ‘pet’.

Lol I love this scene.

Go go power rang-Eh wait we’re the Fantoma…

Oo tentacles and Gokudera <3

Now for the true contents
Irie Shoichi uses his ring to activate his box, Melone Base, and shifted the rooms in the base. As a result, Gokudera and Ryohei was seperated from Takeshi and Lal Mirch. A door opened and Gokudera tried to use his box weapon, Uri, to scout. As expected, the wayward cat scratches Gokudera and runs away. Just then Gokudera and Ryohei meets another enemy, Cappuccino.(Who's a old dude) Uri and Gokudera tries to attack Testa il Polpo, box weapon of Cappuccino, but the damage heals quickly. It turns out that the octopus-like box weapon also has the attribute of the sun. Gokudera was determined to fight Cappuccino on his own, and so Ryohei decides to sit this one out and watch Gokudera take on Cappuccino.

Tsuna, on the other hand, tries his best to escape Spanner and his bodyguard Mosca. His desperate attempt to get to his gloves and pills allowed the news of his safety to reach Reborn and the rest at the base. It seems that things are not looking well at the base, as Fantoma, Special Forces arrived to battle Hibari.

In his battle, Gokudera got tangled up with Testa il Polpo. Strong in his beliefs, Gokudera managed to break out of Testa il Polpo with the help of Uri. With his box weapon defeated, Cappuccino revert into the cowardly old man he is and ran away.

The episode ended with Takeshi looking shocked as the door in his room opened. *Suspense*

“Hm, now what?”

What i think
Honestly, KHR episodes are always full of recaps that the actual content gets so watered down. Then again so are all these new, long running anime nowadays. There wasn’t much action in this episode except the fight between Gokudera and Cappuccino. Even then the fight between the two wasn't even a good fight. Cappuccino was like a nublet who got scared when Gokudera went "Pew Pew" and surrenders quickly. Where are the hardcore fighters D:?

I’m kinda happy though, as I got to see Uri. (Did I mention I love cats?) The scenes of Tsuna and his bodyguard Mosca adds some comedy in all the action.(I love how Spanner looks when he walks in on them lol) Still, to fans like us, a little plus point is not enough to balance out the fact that content, real content is far too little. Not to mention Ryohei’s “Gokudera is our nakama, I trust him.” speech. Gah cliché. Plus it sounds like One Piece._.

That aside, I’m looking forward to the next episode to further the plot. Hopefully, more contents and fewer recap this time. (Though I doubt it, seeing how the anime is almost in tune with the manga and is running outta materials to work on)
Any action on Hibari/Gokudera/Adult Ryohei/fluffy animals is fine with me :3

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