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Kuroshitsuji Episode 09 [Part 2/2]

Posted 12-27-2008 at 06:59 PM by The Anime MMOG
Updated 12-28-2008 at 12:25 AM by Miyuki
Continued from Part One >> Here

So after learning that the servants had failed their mission, Sebastian facepalms and takes care of Pluto himself. But before that, he spots his feline mistress strolling past him, meowing seductively towards the butler. Pluto the demon dog wakes up and is shocked when he spots his master 'having fun' with his natural enemy, the cat. His jealousy takes over as he transforms into his naked (hell yeah) human self and jumps into Sebastians arms. I still don't know why this anime hasn't been categorized as shounen-ai yet when I'm getting so many BL vibes from just this one scene.

Yep, this is not shounen-ai, ladies. Just a hot naked man on top of another hot man. Nothing to see here.

Ciel becomes irritated when he learns that his servants keep failing their given mission. After rejecting Bard's idea of using a flamethrower to stop Sebastian, Ciel is interrupted by a visit from the Chinese mafia/trading man, Lau. Lau offers to help Ciel by using dark, obscure mafia tactics. You know, I seriously love Lau's character because this man is the best bullshitter in the whole series. He makes up fool-proof plans without even knowing what the situation is. He looks all serious and dramatic one moment, and then the next -- "So what's going on? ^_^" Now you have everyone facepalming and headdropping at his ignorance, wondering how he became head of a large-scale trading company and the leader of the Chinese mafia. Oh, Lau, you.

So what awesome plan does this man concoct? Simple -- seduce Sebastian using his sexy cat-like galpal, Ranmao, and have Sebastian stare at her for more than 10 seconds. GENIUS. While Lau and Ciel watch from behind a pole column (these guys can be ninjas, too), the servants position themselves and their camera below the stairs where Ranmao is sitting. As Sebastian and the arrived guest make their way upstairs, the guest spots Ranmao slowly and seductively crossing her legs and halts to oggle at her a bit more. However, Sebastian ignores this kinky peepshow and tells the guest not to lag behind. Yet again, the servants fail to snap sexy Sebastian, although Bard probably took some panty shots of Ranmao.

Sebastian is not interested in human females -- cats are the way to go.

This next scene isn't really important -- it's mostly just Sebastian, Tanaka and the guest going over some business plans about taking over Europe in the name of Phantomhive. Woo. Fun. Then the guest leaves and is never seen again.

Ciel, now taking things into his own hands, goes outside and orders Finny to hurl a giant marble statue at him. You heard me. So Finny complies throws the statue into the air and after a few seconds, the statue dives back down at mach speed and makes its way towards Ciel, who doesn't move an inch because he's that damn confident that his sexy butlerman will save him. And lo' and behold, he does. The statue comes crashing down on Sebastian's back with his master right below him. If I was given a screenshot of just this one scene, I would assume that something inappropriate was about to happen just by seeing guy on top of guy. Although I still think things like that because of my BL fangirl side. After all of this happens, there's a scene that looks like they're about to smack lips, but then it gets interrupted (noooooo) by fireworks, courtesy of Lau. However, the servants DO manage to take pictures of this epic moment, so their mission was a success. It just took like...4 fail plans.

... -dirty thoughts-

However, as the servants were processing the photograph, Pluto storms into the room, pissed, and breathes fire all over the servants and the photographs, thus ruining the only pictures they had of Sebastian on Ciel. Apparently, we find out that Sebastian had indeed given Pluto the order to eliminate those sacred SebastianxCiel photos in order to protect his reputation as a cat-lover and not a shoutacon. WE KNOW WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON, THOUGH. But poor Finny, that kid is never given a break. That's like his second burn in one day.

Meanwhile, Sebastian enters Ciel's office, only to find the young master sleeping soundly in his chair. How quaint. He smirks and finds this as a perfect opportunity to take that photo that Ciel desparately wanted, as the Talbot camera had been left untouched on Ciel's desk.

The next day, the photograph is processed and shown to the servants, who stare at it in admiration, and in Meilin's case, jealousy. Apparently, the person whom Ciel cares about the most is Sebastian, who is 'out of this world'.
Now Meilin declares Ciel as one of her rivals in love for Sebastian. INTENSE. But wait! Isn't that nekkid Pluto in the background? Meilin also notices this and assumes that Pluto is also an object of Sebastian's admiration (far from it), and declares him as a rival, too. Too much BL vibes for one fangirl to handle. zzz

So the episode ends with Sebastian being witty and commenting about how pictures are merely illusions that people desperately hold on to,
probably just to hide his true feelings for Ciel. OH HO HO. Meanwhile, the servants are outside running away from a pissed demon dog's flamethrower. Fun.

This would make a great Christmas card, minus the hot naked man glued to the window.

Overall, this episode had no plot advancement at all -- I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you're bored and have nothing to watch or you like seeing SebastianxCiel moments. (which is partly the reason why I watched this episode in the first place)

Episode Rating: 7/10 (SebastianxCiel saved it)

Again, sorry guys for the long length -- I'll try to write less on my next blog entry (which will probably be next Saturday).

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  1. K1's Avatar
    I can see it!
    Posted 12-28-2008 at 12:46 AM by K1 K1 is offline
  2. CielxSebastian!

    That episode screams of Ciel and Seb. as soul mates! Why else would Sebastian save his master, when one little mishap could gain him a delectable soul? He has not feed off of humans in quite some time now, which is why he is weakening. {i.e taking longer to heal with his wounds, when he has his seldom moments to get them} Even though I've heard rumours Seb. eats Ciel at the end of the first season... \shivers\ (・ω・`)
    Posted 10-04-2009 at 03:18 AM by うさぎ ♥
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