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Kuroshitsuji Episode 09 [Part 1/2]

Posted 12-27-2008 at 06:59 PM by The Anime MMOG
Updated 12-28-2008 at 06:29 PM by Ascherit
I had apparently passed the 10k character limit on my blog entry, so I had to split this up into two parts. Sorry guys, I'm naturally a heavy talker, so when it comes to to stuff like this, I tend to elaborate and ramble on to the point that I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. But yeah, I tried my best to shorten it down, but alas, I was 500 characters over the limit. bawww.

The episode starts off with Meilin, Bard, and Finny (or the troublesome trio as I'd like to call them) being summoned to Ciel's office for an 'important' task. Ciel explains to them that their job is to take pictures of Sebastian when he's not looking with the special Talbot camera. The word 'STALKER' ran through my mind as I watched this scene. But hell, I don't blame him. I would want to take pin-up photos of that sexy butlerman, too. Anyways, Tanaka, who apparently came out of no where (in his old man costume, too), explains that the Talbot camera shows not only its subject when processed, but also the most important person to the subject that is 'out of this world' or deceased. Its ability is demonstrated when Finny's picture is taken and the photograph shows both him and his dead bird, which was killed by the young lad's brute strength. You would wonder how such a cute, skinny guy like him would have the sheer power of a thousand bulls. Must be them middle-age steroids. So now with a very important task at hand, the 3 servants set out with their magic camera in order to take photos of Sebastian and post them on BL fansites all over the internets. Yay.

Cool, I can spell JOB, too!

While Ciel is in his office playing with his doll house, the 3 servants secretly follow sexyman Sebastian into the library and hide themselves behind an open bookcase. Nope, they don't just hide behind curtains or anything because that's way overused and so old school. Inconspicious bookcases are the way to go. FFFF YEAH. So now you have 3 pairs of eyes and a camera poking out of a bookcase, ready to take snapshots of the cleaning butler. However, Sebastian, being the hax houseman that he is, tidies up the whole room at mach 10, which screws over the camera since it can only capture stationary subjects. Oh well, on to plan B.

Theys be pro ninjas.

Next up, the servants follow Sebastian into the living room and station their camera outside the ajar door. See, these guys are pro when it comes to the art of hiding. Then suddenly, as Sebastian is setting the tablecloth, we have Finny zerg rushing into the room with a pool table towards the butler. However, Sebastian casually avoids this confrontation by lifting up the tablecloth like those guys you see at rodeos and sends Finny right past him, resulting in the young gardener plowing through the wall and right down to ground floor. Ouch.

Torro~! Torro~!

Now for a less drastic approach, the servants wait on a ladder behind Ciel's office window as their Master summons Sebastian into his room in order to do explicit things with him tie his shirt string. What a lazy guy -- I mean, if I can tie my shoes, why can't he tie his own shirt? Damn. However, Sebastian being stationary for more than 2 seconds is a great opportunity for a non-stalkerish photograph! So while the butlerman is tying his master's shirt things, the servants position their camera and wait for the snapshot to be completed. (it takes 10 seconds for one shot) But Sebastian moves at the last second and screws over the camera, yet again. He opens the window and lets in fresh air, not realizing that his subordinates were right below him. Either that or he knew about this plot all along and was just trying to screw with them -- which I whole-heartedly understand because that's how Sebastian rolls. Ferrealz.

Curtains are for the weak.

Losing hope, the trio settles down in the middle of the hallway while trying to think up of more absurd plans to photograph Sebastian. While doing so, Sebastian sneaks up on the trio and gives them a task of his own: get rid of Pluto before the special guest comes to visit. Sounds simple, enough, because, you know, nothing sounds easier than trying to get rid of a conspicuous 50 feet demon dog that breathes fire. Yep, sounds like an simple task for these 3. Although of course, they have Finny the steroid kid on their side. He happily drags the dog away while it tries to resist with all four paws. Power of a thousand bulls man, power of a thousand bulls. But even he can't withstand fire as the dog counters with his million degree fire blast of death. Awesome. Although I do feel sorry for Finny -- first the poor kid falls off a second story building, tumbling downhill with a pool table, and now he gets charred to ashes. Today is definitely not his day.

Part Two >> Here

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