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Battle Programmer Shirase Episode 1

Posted 09-08-2009 at 10:49 PM by Mitchi
Updated 09-09-2009 at 01:13 AM by Mitchi
Mitchi here, and I'm back! It's been a while since I reviewed for this blog back when I did Bokurano, but I'm back with another random, obscure anime to add to your radars: Battle Programmer Shirase!

"I'll give you a piece of advice: Don't piss him off. The moment you do, your bank accounts will have negative values, and multiple arrest warrants will magically appear at the nearest precinct."

That makes me REALLY want to start this.

At 12 minutes a pop, each episode of Battle Programmer Shirase might not be very long, it still moves at a satisfying pace.

Pro tip: the bunny means you're being haxxored.

The story follows Shirase Akira, a genius programmer and hacker. But don't go to him expecting him to take just any job, or work for just money. He may look like a scrawny, unshaven loser who has nothing better to do than to screw around on IRC inside a ramen shop, but he can and will screw up your life with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Let me get this straight...he types with a frrgpad? You sir win the internet.

Loli with a sushi chair? I like where this is going.

It's a good series to watch if you're pressed for time just because of the short episodes, but it's also interesting because of the content.

I'll Be posting up another review tomorrow, possibly two for good measure. Happy watching!


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Tags: anime, bps
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