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Trickster Memoir part 1

Posted 01-29-2013 at 01:37 PM by Tardar
So I'm bored (and/or actually procrastinating) so I decided I wanted to get down my feelings (unprovoked feelings) about Trickster Online closing down.

Trickster Online, to me, has always held a special place in my heart. If there were chairs in my heart for special video games, it'd be right there next to The Sims and MapleStory (both games I also love a lot). I found the game shortly before it came out, during the infamous debacle that was single sign-on before the game even launched. There was a thread about it on some forum I was frequenting at the time, probably For whatever reason, I decided to give it a shot.

Once the single sign-on debacle was resolved, I was excited to finally be able to play... or so I thought. On the day of the release, the game was so full, the only way you could get on was to stare at the indicator for the Pearl server in hopes that it would flicker yellow and you'd be fast enough to get on. (Spoiler alert: I wasn't.) So I then began waiting for the popularity of the game to go down. It didn't take too long because soon a second server, Ruby, was eventually added and I was able to play.

I honestly can't remember what the very first character I picked was. It might have been a Cat. I'm honestly not even sure though. But I remember playing for about a month and then deciding to quit because I thought the game was too easy. So I went back to MapleStory. (Ironic?)

Eventually I began having troubles with MapleStory and so I returned to a game that was familiar to me. By the time I had returned, second job had come out. This time, I decided I would be educated and know what to do. And so I stumbled upon whereupon I found a guide for Bunnies. Why Bunnies, I don't even know. I got to about 43 and then MapleStory started working, so naturally, I went back.

But for whatever reason, Trickster sort of planted itself in my head. After a couple months, I got bored with MapleStory and returned to Trickster. Having been a little bit more educated this time, I decided I would make a Lion, because gun-classes are one of my favorite types of classes (fun fact: my favorite archetypes are Mages, technology-based classes (Engineers, Mechanics, etc.), and gunners; my least favorite archetypes are Warriors and (true) Tanks (I don't actually mind off-tank classes that much)) as well as the fact that he reminded me of Momiji. I went with the build graph 2143 due to its, in my mind, versatility. I wanted to have a Momiji related name because at the time he was my favorite animé character. Naturally being so late to the party, I settled with sousMomiji (little Momiji).

I managed to make my way to about 83, which, mind you, at the time was somewhat of an accomplishment, and then I began doing what I did best: creating all the characters to then proceed to delete them at level 20. "Abandoning," if you will, my Lion is one of the decisions I regret most because it essentially launched me onto a tangent I never could recover from, until much later.

But of course, then the worst thing happened: Revolution. I still hold to this very moment, that Revolution (on top of the MyShop sets released after Nyxx/Noxx) was the sole update that began Trickster's downward spiral. With the removal of party bonuses pre-35, it was a struggle for me to make new characters. Many really good Monster Quests were removed. Moving from area to area became a chore and a bore more than anything. Not to mention that many areas were reorganized in pretty counter-productive manners. For example, much like in Season 2, prior to Revolution, Blooming Cora had it's maps laid out in a circle. One entrance would take you to map 1, whereas the other entrance on the other side of town took you to map 4. Revolution made it completely linear. On top of it all, they removed possibly my favorite tutorial for any game. I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial as not only was it unique, but it was also incredibly informative.

My other greatest complaint was the failure to address the glitch in Golden Lion Shield's compounding abilities. For those of you that don't know, GLSs are not supposed to have Dark Attribute capabilities, but rather Dark Resistance (see: every other version having it as resistance as well as every other boss shield being resistance). Now, I can see where some of you would be confused right now. How would that break the game? Well it created a problem for newer players (or players that could not afford a GS and GLS). You see, if you had a GS and GLS, you could train in higher level places. Because of the removal of the monster quest at Path to Phantom School, Path to Oops Wharf became the training hub until you could get to Path of Black Swamp. The players with GS and GLS could train at Path to Black Swamp fairly easily (especially true for Powers and Charms), which siphoned players from training at Path to Oops Wharf, ultimately killing that training spot. Oh, and the silly trials system. Also one of the cardinal offenses created by Revolution in my book.

(Minor quip: have always and forever will hate the login music that Revolution brought)

Early in my foray into ggftw in 2008, I met possibly one of my best online friend, no, best friends. I had seen her make a post in the Charm section and I was drilling for items on my Buffalo (who did not have 90 DA back then). Desperate for some help, I casually shot her a whisper, honestly not expecting a response. Shockingly, she responded and gave me a hand. From there our friendship evolved from casual friends with occasional buddy messages on each other's walls to bona fide best friends. If you're struggling to figure out who this individual is, it's Kyzuumi/Dare/Taylor (or Tay as I always call her). Tay and I have had many adventures together from being staffies together at gg, to helping each other with our guides, to our l0l Skype sessions.

Season 2 may have fixed a fair amount of the problems that I had with Revolution, but the game was never the same for me. Probably because the community slowly began to die, along with the game. After Revolution, things I frequently used to see (Machine Room parties for Lions, Girls at Tech4, parties at Flame Moths) started to become less and less frequent until they ultimately disappeared. Parties were probably my favorite aspect of Trickster training. I loved the concept so much. You get a reward for playing together, but ultimately you end up playing on your own anyways.

But despite my dislike, I kept on playing anyways. I did however take another break about the summer of my sophomore year of high school (summer of 2009) when I also moved to Colorado. It turned out to be a pretty extensive break. I didn't start to play again until about May of 2010 when I bought a new laptop, that in addition to being all-around better than the old family desktop, could also run Trickster substantially better. And so I returned again, but this time I did something different. I decided that I would try to make more friends this time about, and so I started a little gimmick project with one of my best Trickster friends, Joel. The gimmick was that you were supposed to stay in first job for the entirety of the "project." Ultimately most people dropped out of the project (as in, they never/rarely played their charas) but me and two other individuals kept at it. We three ultimately ended up deciding to job change and at the time we joined Mirage Coordinator.

And as a side project, I began to remake my original Lion. Yes, I brought back 2143 sousMomiji. I was able to obtain my primary goal on him: I trained in Machine Room (honestly, I love(d) that map so much). In the end, the two friends I had made doing the first job project had quit and so I returned to my Lion. I had left him at about 100, and thanks to a gratuitous offer from Lyn, she powerleveled me to 130. From there, I made myself into a Cyber Hunter a slowly began a road to about 175. From there I basically began doing another activity I do best: afk'ing. It wasn't until I had started collecting Secret Cards and had eventually amassed all of them except for 1, 15, and 16 that I decided that I would get my ass in gear and grind some. So I worked my way to 180, got my guardian, and then proceeded to grind to 225 where I began casually hunting bosses with my Guardian. It was also at this time when I decided not to associate myself with Momiji anymore, and by a kind gift from Jess (Settie, for those who don't know), changed my Lion's name to Jamesie.

However, good cannot last forever. Around this time is when the dubious 7767-"error" began appearing for everyone. I was fortunate to dodge most of the initial 7767s, but ultimately I found myself with one. Part of the reason I became so upset was because I could no longer charge MyShop. Don't get me wrong, it probably saved me loads of money in the long run, however, I do like to charge to make my character "better" than most. I do draw a line at the point where I can comfortably do most things and the point where I just faceroll the game (this goes for any MMO). I still continued to play as I had most of the gear I wanted (needed?) anyways. I ended up joining Exitium`] because it was the guild Tay was in. Joining that guild was possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made in a game. There, I "repaired" a relationship with Josh, whom prior to joining Exi, I had been not entirely fond of. I also met Christy, one of my best friends now.

(Will be continued in part 2 because of limits)

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