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I don't even like Katy Perry or Sesame Street! How'd I get into this mess?! (Music)

Posted 09-24-2010 at 10:44 AM by TheHYBIRD (The Insane Mind of Hybird)
Anybody heard about the whole incident where Sesame Street pulled a Katy Perry guest music video with Elmo? I found one video on youtube and commented the irony of parents getting uppity over something as simple as Katy Perry's dress, while Elmo has been butt naked for years. A simple joke, right?

"That's a different type of "naked" you're referring to, which is being out in animal fur, and that applies to most other Muppets out there."

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How to kill my upload speed, part 1

Posted 01-29-2010 at 07:11 AM by BriGuy92 (Bri's Ramblespot)
I must admit, I tend to be a rather insecure and shy person. I've been attempting to stop that recently. So in an attempt to be less shy and perhaps entertain someone in the process, I've decided to make a Let's Play series, of Cave Story, specifically. So... yeah.

The first video is here:

And if you don't know what a Let's Play is, then watch the video. It should become obvious.

Criticism, constructive or otherwise,...
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