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Posted 08-17-2010 at 07:46 PM by BriGuy92 (Bri's Ramblespot)
Updated 10-18-2010 at 09:15 PM by BriGuy92 (Gack! Youtube embed is bork!)
Title is unrelated.

So here it is, four weeks since my last blarg post. And I started this whole piece of ridiculous off by saying that I wanted to post once a week at least. Oh well.

Anyhow, time for me to ramble. There is now one week until I travel from my home to a place of higher education approximately three hours away. As you could imagine, this is an exciting and also kind of nerve-racking experience, and I haven't even experienced it yet. Funny how that works....
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I should be sleeping but instead I'm blogging so nya

Posted 06-18-2010 at 08:30 PM by BriGuy92 (Bri's Ramblespot)
So this week has been an adventure. Monday was alright. In fact, Monday was kind of boring. Nothing interesting happened. On Tuesday though, one of my friends called me up and asked if I would like to accompany him on a laptop shopping trip. I thought that was a wonderful idea and so we went to the local Best Buy, and he picked out a laptop. And then we went to his house and he sort of out of the blue gave me a hard drive and two gigabytes of RAM. Needless to say, I was relatively happy. However,...
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Blog Primo! A bit about myself.

Posted 03-28-2010 at 04:49 PM by LolJaen
Hello, Readers ...

This is my very first blog, so pardon me if i don't get it right the first time.

Many of you might know me by the name Perce / Percy. Little did you know that, that is not my first name. Perce was a name given to me by my Grandfather. My first name is George. I am what is hopefully considered a normal human teenage male. Many of you might know that i do speak fluent Spanish, But to those who don't well... yeah i do. No, I am not Mexican, I am part
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Pokemangz Masta 1-10umad?
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The awesomeness that is Winamp

Posted 03-17-2010 at 06:47 PM by BriGuy92 (Bri's Ramblespot)
So I'm sure that many of you have heard of the media player known as Winamp. I've used it a bunch myself, but it has recently gained quite a few points on the awesome meter. See, Winamp has a built-in audio file converter. Normally, this would be nothing special. However, this converter can make HE-AAC files. HE-AAC, which stands for "High-Efficency AAC" (don't ask me what AAC stands for, I don't know.) is a format that makes super-high-quality, super-small files. I am currently in the...
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Music = ridiculous.

Posted 03-12-2010 at 12:39 PM by BriGuy92 (Bri's Ramblespot)
Or maybe I should say "today in general + music = ridiculous."

So here's the deal. On Sunday, I was playing LaTale and 7hatGuy mentioned a song entitled "Bad Apple", and I had no idea what he was talking about. So on Monday, at school, he showed me the video which he posted in his blog the other day. (Was it yesterday or was it before that? I can't remember.) That song found its way into my brain and has been playing itself over and over ever since. Kind of like...
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