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Grand Fantasia



Blog Secondo! Parts and Counterparts.

Posted 03-29-2010 at 02:37 PM by LolJaen
Hello Readers...

Yet again i blog, This is a bit fun in a way.
Again forgive me for my novice mistakes.

Ohkay, Today has been a interesting day so far .I woke up quite early 6am and decided to eat breakfast, which is -lolomg- for me at least. I don't usually have the time to eat breakfast. Raisan Bran and Trix are the best cereals. imo. I then proceeded to do my daily 20 min run. I got back and showered. I then cleaned my room and got dressed. ...Ohkay time for
Pokemangz Masta 1-10umad?
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[Hardly Working] phantom of the office series!

Posted 02-06-2009 at 07:16 PM by kuyaBaka (laquesha-shanaynay-deshamaniqua-coshanique-jaquineequa-fantasia's blog.)
Updated 03-10-2009 at 09:21 PM by kuyaBaka
(Can't find the apartment one on YouTube, so you can watch these. :U)

kekekek . . .


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2 kawaii 4 u
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