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I swear to the Prinny god that NIS really is founded by demons!

Posted 07-02-2011 at 04:31 PM by Blizt
Why is Prinny 2 so god damn difficult?!!

Yesterday I tried to fight the last boss that I couldn't defeat last week (and last last week...), in the end I finally beat both forms of the boss...which took me about 3 hours with a total of 280 lives lost.

And then I was kinda outta my mind to rush the secret mode and beat the last boss in that mode too, I think that took another one or two hours or so...

But the time and lives spent were not the only...
Tags: demon, muscle, pain, prinny, psp
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Up down all around, Its crazy time kiddies!

Posted 12-08-2009 at 07:29 PM by 7979789Omina (Omina's Blog)
By that I mean, of course, its me again.

In my previous entry I posted about noise and spinning.


That's stopped. over the course of the week the effects happened less and less, and eventually stopped. And my worst nightmare has now turned into the creepy girl Smiling and waving everytime I see her. She still looks the same, but now has a more positive outlook. It taught me that a first impression means a lot.

And it does.
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