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Curious eoe

Posted 05-10-2010 at 01:56 PM by switch
I know this probably sounds super lame/stupid, but it's been eating at me for so long. e-e; Whenever I fall below 5m (not that I ever have more than that 8D), I go farm Sphinx to replenish my ely! I mainly farm with Nick or Divi otherwise I solo. I have a set of fashion enchanted with IDR and, as of recently, a Selki dagger because Pie told me it added +1 to Treasure Master! Also, when I farm Sphinx, I'm always in ely build because the extra IDR helps!

It's weird though. Whenever I farm with my IDR set or with the Selki dagger equipped and use lucky hit to finish off Sphinx, I always get 3~5 bags. Sometimes two bags, once I got just one. 8( When I only use lucky hit and have no IDR fashion or Selki equipped, I get 15+ bags - so many that I can't loot it all. So curiously, is there a cap for IDR? And does farming with a party mean less bags will drop as a whole (talking about everyone's bags added together)? Because, when I farm with a party, the only time we really make a profit is when we weaken Sphinx together, then they leave the instance and I use lucky hit and split the ely after.

I wish there was a selling shortcut for Dryads. q_q /right click plox ;o;

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Tags: la tale
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