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Posted 05-03-2010 at 03:13 PM by switch
At this current moment, I have a treasure hunter, a bard, a warlord, an explorer (that's going gunslinger), and a wizard (that's going sorc!) So almost everyday, I grind on at least one character! On the weekdays, I grind the iris on my TH with Nick and sometimes Divi and Bren. On the weekends, we either grind our bards or our level 8x characters (WL for me and Nick, TH for Divi.) Most of the time, we try to keep within leveling range of each other and I swear, I'm probably the slowest out of all of us. It's really fun grinding with them though, because we generally have each other's backs (I'm not so good with that though orz! /bad sense of direction and whatnot)

What was especially fun was that, after about three to four months of not grinding any characters, we started again last month. Our mains were like usual, nothing too wow, but our bards. Wow. Our bards were amazing. We were generally 108 (me), 111(? Nick), and 115-116 (Divi). We were at red ninjas in owl castle and it was just so easy! We all had heals, and we all had ES. We also switched our builds so that each person had different buffs, so no need for repeats + extra points for us to use on other stuff! It started off with us three, then Percy (Tithe) joined and I actually had fun grinding. We split the maps into two parts, Nick and Percy at the top and Divi and I on the bottom. The exp was amazingly good, and the monsters didn't really seem like a threat anymore! 8) If you guys can, I really suggest giving a bard party (+ guard!) a try.

Also, my TH has been xbow for the past few months, occasionally changing to bow when we have crops, but I've been shying away from bow since I messed up my arjuna. Anyways, yeah. I absolutely love being xbow, but after a while, I felt like I wanted to use something new. I changed to dagger/shield - throw tree - and I used my valks. Grinding at orions had never been that easy. I can possibly grind all day everyday because it's just so easy as dagger! I'm pretty sure the level comes into play but... eh. I love dagger now!

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Tags: grinding, la tale
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  1. RaiTheSoul's Avatar
    And I thought the dagger TH race was dying off. :<
    Posted 05-03-2010 at 05:21 PM by RaiTheSoul RaiTheSoul is offline
  2. Noperative's Avatar
    I can barely even grind to 40 in LT :/
    Posted 05-03-2010 at 10:33 PM by Noperative Noperative is offline
  3. switch's Avatar
    @ Rai: I mainly see xbow and bow TH nowadays 8< Unless if Yoosi logs on, then YAY DAGGER After not being dagger for such a long time, I realized how much I was missing out! 8'(

    @ Noperative: Honestly, I'm really lucky that with all of my characters, I had friends that I could grind and quest with. Wanting to be at the same level as them was a real motivator for me (although I still level at like snail-speed orz!)
    Posted 05-04-2010 at 12:35 AM by switch switch is offline
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