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Accomplishments for reading and gaming.

Posted 06-06-2011 at 12:17 AM by Sveros
This past week has really passed by kinda fast. Failed many ocs,waste lots of exp packs, about 10 lvl protectors gone and still no oc pass(I r is looking at u lohengrin, u failed 15 times oc6, it aint pleasing me). Yea still i kinda consider myself lucky getting 40 + oc5 suits and having 10 of them actually hitting oc6 out of the 40. Thats like 25% of my stuff that got a pass.

For some reason, my oc6 are almost all 1 try pass. With the exception of rick dom who took 2,fazz taking 8. Though i complain a bit when i have to play 450 matches just for the requirement of ex which annoys me.

Last weekend was really awesome for me,i finished volume 6 of the side story for mushi uta bug, bought volume 7 of the novel,knowing its out that weekend in the shop and decided to try out a new novel which i have not started.

Today i finished reading volume 4 of the main story for mushi uta which was totally awesome.
Its starting to get into the plot that really is addictive, got shocked when some of it got revealed at the end.I am super tempted to just go straight into volume 5 right now which is sitting right on my shelf at home,however i will restrain myself since i find that i shld finish up the side story first.

Well its not like i dont wanna blast my way through the light novels now but due to one serious error i made. 20% off at kinokuniya, i went to abuse it, bought a lot of novels from the same series at one shot, and not to mention blowing a hole in my wallet - -". Went home a satisfied kid until I came to a conclusion that one volume was missing! I absolutely hate having to miss out on volumes since i like reading continuously. 3 4 5 7 8 9, eh where was 6.DARN IT MAN,THE AGONY OF MISSING JUST ONE VOLUME.

So now i am forced to wait 3 weeks for volume 6 to fly in from taiwan since its in chinese. that kinda sux but guess i got no choice,at least it comes at the same time as the final book for the side story. Going to attempt to finish the rest of the stuff i got that are unread before it arrives n perhaps get some really interesting new ones.

I got a strong drive to try translating the mushi uta series for people since its a series i really want people to read instead of just watching the anime which totally ruined the darn story.

Going to try brush up on my japanese and attempt to translate stuff to improve my reading ability and get the community to know about it too.

A few words about the side story for mushi uta:

It does not have much relation to the main plot besides the fact u get to know how the characters in the mainstory came about.Something like their backstory. Its really interesting if u wanna know some of the backstory and each character has his own chapter. It also talks about the 3rd one in the main story more in detail.Really hax abilities the protagonist has too. Negating opponent abilities, Increased physical attributes of the user, Detection of enemies, and devastating attack power enough to wipe out the enemy with one blow. Really op much but i will not say much about it.

I know much of these are really not interesting but just there since i doubt many besides those who can read chinese or japanese will even hear of it. I not really fond of mainstream stuffs unless its something that has a clinching factor to it.

Regarding the anime, the anime actually aint as bad as i say but it just disappoints me since its like just not up to standard and some of the characters were shown in the wrong light in my opinion. For those wondering how far it goes in the novel for the anime, it is about 1st book only.Watching the anime basically allows u to skip the plot for the first book, but doesnt give u enough info for the second in my opinion.

I am really excited about volume 12 as it seemed that it will be the final volume for the series. Though i wont be able to read it early since i wanna read it in actual book form by buying it, I know kadokawa taiwan will not let me down and will translate book 10-12 fast and i will make a trip to the bookshop to grab it before someone else does just like how i noticed a copy or two was missing from the shelf when i went kino on sunday.

I ma check out comic connection before i head home to see if the other title i was looking out for is there.

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