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About the earlier novel

Posted 06-02-2011 at 08:30 PM by Sveros
Its name is ぴにおん.I am sorry to those who tried to use the title earlier as a reference.

Well this being my first time actually reviewing a novel.I shall try my best to bring out my thoughts and give u a view of it.

Describing the situations(it really is funny)
Some plot ideas

Plot is not strong as its a harem novel.Does not have too deep a plot for its story.
Plot changes.Abit too fast but that might be just me.

Now on to the synopsis shall we,since i am sure u guys might just be interested in the plot.

Synopsis(described by me as close to the one in the book as possible with some of the authors style):

SASAKI YOSHIRO, a ordinary guy below 18 yrs old, schooling still,ordinary background, no girlfriend, no friends, ORDINARY, PLAIN ORDINARY. Well not quite,I admit I have a secret. A secret that will stun the world. I got a superpower. Yes,you heard me, a superpower. No,its not related to wealth or anything to do with money. Its more incredible than that of superman or flash, or the green lantern. I CAN

Light a fire about my fingertips

Hey, wait, dont look at me with those eyes that are like looking at a pitiful insect.This power is really awesome.Well,who am i trying to kid,its a ridiculously useless power in this time and age. Why do you need a power like this when you got a lighter which can do a faster and better job.

Well enough about that,my life has been really plain and boring up till now.Whenever i told people about my talent, they just say," sure are special." as they look at me with pitiful eyes. Thanks to that,I am regarded as a freak and got no girlfriends,let alone real friends. However, I saw a television show on tv that actually invited people with special powers to come to stage and show the country their power.I thought this might be a good chance to show off my talent, and went for it.

After showing my talent.I decided to start a new life. Transfer to a school where nobody knows me, live alone, completely leave my past life behind. Here is my story and how i live it now.

Well protagonist sure seems so plain and ordinary.But his way of thinking and acting,its like fusing tomoya from clannad,otonashi from angel beats, and slapping on the main dude from kore wa zombie desuka into one individual.I admit i read this story because of the protagonist way of thinking.well onwards to describing his background.

Note to readers: Do not read beyond this if you dont want to be spoiled.

a ordinary guy,no friends,no girlfriend,studies not say extraordinary.Lived a boring life till now.Has a special power to light a fire with his fingertips.Special facial features? Erm,i think you can consider his eyebrows being leveled as a special feature.Way of thinking is unique,manner of bringing himself also.

Kimoto futaba: 木元二葉( the only name i could translate since i recognise the characters)
Tsundere girl with the ability to listen to animals speakings.Loves to insult the protagonist. she is on the cover of the book.
Habit is to wear a headset everywhere,even in class,playing music loudly.Flat chest. nickname: Fox 狐

A double personality girl.A beauty in the school with the top grades and athletic ability.Angel and demon in 1 body.Ability is to be able to move things with her mind.Psychic.
Nickname: Leopard cat

A nice girl who is not really smart but however extremely sexy, with the largest breasts in the group.Ability is teleportation however she needs to concentrate for half a day before she can use it and it must be somewhere she knows or has been. Nickname: Cow

Teacher who is small size.You guys can never believe what kind of job she has. Simply put. I think she is a Lolli.Ability is to transfer her thoughts into a piece of film.Making extremely real images.

yamada 56 (gojyuukyuu):
I laughed when i found out his full name.Man really funny.Well just some ordinary guy who is just annoying and part of a mystery discovery club or something.

Last words regarding this.Hope you guys enjoyed reading this review.I apologize if i got any of the information wrong and being unable to display any pictures of the characters.However i do encourage others to read this novel if they can. Its really worth the read.

I could translate chapter by chapter for those who cant really read chinese or japanese.But that is if i got the time.

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  1. zgmfx19a's Avatar
    From my experience, the GGFTW community generally don't give a damn about novels translations.

    If you want to put effort in it, it's better to do it somewhere else, honestly.
    Posted 06-02-2011 at 10:05 PM by zgmfx19a zgmfx19a is offline
  2. Crimsonred's Avatar
    There's only like a handful in this forum that actually care about novel reviews/translations.
    Posted 06-04-2011 at 08:28 AM by Crimsonred Crimsonred is offline
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