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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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Accomplishments for reading and gaming.

Posted 06-06-2011 at 12:17 AM by Sveros
This past week has really passed by kinda fast. Failed many ocs,waste lots of exp packs, about 10 lvl protectors gone and still no oc pass(I r is looking at u lohengrin, u failed 15 times oc6, it aint pleasing me). Yea still i kinda consider myself lucky getting 40 + oc5 suits and having 10 of them actually hitting oc6 out of the 40. Thats like 25% of my stuff that got a pass.

For some reason, my oc6 are almost all 1 try pass. With the exception of rick dom who took 2,fazz taking...
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About the earlier novel

Posted 06-02-2011 at 08:30 PM by Sveros
Its name is ぴにおん.I am sorry to those who tried to use the title earlier as a reference.

Well this being my first time actually reviewing a novel.I shall try my best to bring out my thoughts and give u a view of it.

Describing the situations(it really is funny)
Some plot ideas

Plot is not strong as its a harem novel.Does not have too deep a plot for its story.
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Today smth i found something awesome that changed my day

Posted 06-01-2011 at 10:37 PM by Sveros
As i was rushing out from home to go poly.I hit my hand hard against the door which hurts a hell lot and my hand still kinda hurts

I thought today was going to be a nasty day but while browsing thru the web during my break at I noticed a rather interesting light novel name that intrigued me. I immediately dl it and starting reading it. Boy it was really funny, couldnt help smiling and laughing while reading it. What is this light novel u guys might think. ...
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A list of certain vocaloid artists songs for getting some people started

Posted 05-31-2011 at 08:16 PM by Sveros
Yo all.Sry about the earlier blog entry since i made a few errors there.Now i am going to kickstart this blog proper with a list of some of my vocaloid songs and those that i like among this huge darn list of songs i have in my itunes at home.Well prepare for a quite a bit of text i guess and i hope u,the viewer will start getting into vocaloid songs too.

I am sure we all have heard the names of certain vocaloids which starred in the game Project Diva.Hatsune miku,Megurine luka,Kagamine...
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About this blog and my plans

Posted 05-31-2011 at 07:16 PM by Sveros
Hello all or to anybody who visits this blog.This is kinda my first attempt at blogging and i doing this to kinda to show people some stuff which they might not even have heard or touched before.This blog will be dedicated to a few things.

Well i have been a Sdgo player for quite a while, so I will be posting some reviews on how i find some suits sitting in my hangar fare in pvp though i might not be able to bring out its full potential.However this blog will also touch on a few other...
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