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God i've been in a music mood lately.

Posted 01-21-2009 at 11:20 PM by Spectre
As of late whenever i am enjoying my time in Atlantica or Trickster or anything online honestly,I find myself blasting some of my favorite songs from now and yesteryear.

As i write this blog i am listening to VnV Nation, a all time favorite band for me....i L.O.V.E Industrial music, e.g German Industrial and Synth pop bands, and even bands from out countries such as the outstanding Lacuna Coil who are a bit harder to label.

Mainly on my track list/iPod is Ashbury Heights and BlutEngel (no shocker to anyone who knows me i'm sure) and they make me happy...which is funny because most of their music could be called "dark" and "depressing" but...something about it makes me feel peace, and not so alone when i feel lonely or lost.

I've even been semi in contact with the Ex-Back-up singer of Ashbury Height's lately (Yaz) and she has been talking about her new band (Javelynn's Fate) and seems to be coming along rather nice, i have VERY VERY VERY high hopes for this band...don't fail me Yaz or i'll cry.

I've sent one or two messages to the lead singer of Ashbury Height's (Anders) and he is pleased with the work on the new CD with the new back up singer (Kari) who i've yet to a bit un-sure still, but he claims she is outstanding so...we're see.

As of now i find myself yet again listening to one of my all time favorite songs..."Penance" from Ashbury, it puts me in such a great mood hearing the amazing vocals from both, and the lyrics are intoxicating to me...i think after this i might listen to "Smaller" or "Die by Numbers" before i go to bed..

I can honestly say i hope most people didn't read this blog, it would have wasted a good number of people's time who are now sitting there going "wtf? who?" with everything i just said...and im not trying to be a ass hole but if you are one of those saying "who?"'s your loss

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