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360 games reviews thus far

Posted 12-24-2008 at 09:36 AM by Spectre
So far i've gone through 3 games since getting the 360 last month on black friday those games being in order.
Mirror's Edge.
and Gears of War.
I've also played some of Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. GRID. and Assassins Creed.
Out of the 3 games played but not finished, i really really enjoyed BiA:HH, was a REALLY fun shooter and kinda hard, great sniper cam too.
GRID i just picked up yesterday, and its pretty cool, sound effects are kinda lame but overall its solid.
Assassins Creed...pissed me off, because i thought it was 100% medieval style game...than i seen the intro...other than that the game play is good...but damn im still pissed.

Now for the good stuff.
F.E.A.R: What i expected.
My friend said i should pick this up and i figured it looked good, had wanted to play forever just never got around to it. I expected a few good fire fights here and there and a semi decent story with little to no "scary" moments.
F.E.A.R: What i got.
Wow...i got way more than i "scary" moments, but i did jump a few times when i would turn a corner and see something coming at me or right in my face. F.E.A.R was a VERY fun game, the story was outstanding and the game play was fast and fun...honestly one of the best console shooters i've ever played, and i expect it is just as good on a PC.
I'd honestly have to give F.E.A.R a 9 out of 10 review wise.

Mirror's Edge: What i expected.
Mirror's Edge caught my eye as soon as i seen it, and i was expecting a fun fast paced game with tons of platforming at its purest.
Mirror's Edge: What i got.
Was what i am calling my best game of the whole YEAR. I LOVE beyond all belief this game, it was a total rush that i couldn't get enough of.
The exploring was outstanding, going from building to building to see more of the story as well as jumping from a building to a crane or a moving was so unbelievable, i REALLY have to own this game in the future...
My ONLY problem was...the combat was a bit iffy, and since you try to play through without using guns (at least i did...and failed thanks to the next to last stage lol). But overall if your looking for a challenge and a game that you can play through more than once...might be the game for you...but i can say it honestly isn't a game everyone will love.
I honestly have to say this game would get a 9.5 out of 10 review.

Gears of War: What i expected.
It is a game made by Epic i knew it would be good, and i loved the style of the combat, amazing reviews from fans and critics a like...has to be amazing right?.
Gears of War: What i got.
Wrong...but it is still damn good.
I got a story that was sub par and combat that ranged from great to average.
The friendly A.I just pissed me off to no ends because they were pretty much suicide bombers...without the bombs to do the damage, they didn't know how to give cover fire, or how to throw a grenade...i remember once, i was sniping out of a corner because some "Boomers" just popped out in the court yard (Boomers carry yeah), and as i was sniping, i went to reload...and all at once i hear my A.I teammate say "frag out!" and i noticed...he had thrown it into the SAME CORNER I WAS IN...NO BADDIES THERE! yeah, still a little pissed about that.
If you take away the shit A.I though, thats when the gameplay feels really good and fun, might i add i played this game through on hardcore mode so i did die..a lot, but the REAL fun of this game is solo combat, or when your team is full because than you can at least semi keep a eye on your crappy team and hope not to get naded.
I am sad to report i can only give Gears of War about a 8 out of 10.

Whats to come?.
Call of Duty 4.
Mass Effect.
and much more~~

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