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My first blog ever!?

Posted 07-29-2009 at 07:58 AM by SOC
Hi guys, this is the first time I've ever made/used a blog. o_o I never really paid much attention to them, but now I thought I'd just give it a shot. I guess I start out about who I am? My name is Daniel Tyler Wright, I'll be 19 years old this September (2009), and I'm currently attending University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. :P I am a strong/devout/loyal Christian, went to church since I was born, and love my Lord than any thing else in this world. <3 I'm what you can call a "hardcore" Christian.

I am a huge gamer, and I love fantasy games, stories, RPGs, that kinda' thing. I love the old English medieval culture, like knights, dragons, kings, queens, castles, monsters, and all those kind've things. I'm not really all that into the asian culture, like katanas/samurai/ninja/ect.. It's not that I have any thing against them/am racist/don't accept them, it's just that I'm not interested in them as I am with English medieval. People are like, "YOU LIKE SWORDS? THEN COME CHECK OUT MY KATANA ISN'T IT COOL HOW ABOUT NINJA AND SAMURAI YA THEY'RE SO COOL." Uhh... nope, not to me, lol.

Hmm, my top five games of all time have to be: 1. Zelda: Twilight Princess/Ocarina of Time, 2. Chrono Trigger, 3. Final Fantasy 7, 4. Final Fantasy 3/6, 5. Final Fantasy 9. Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy Adventure right behind in #6. I've been gaming since I was three years old, and I even beat the first Zelda (NES) when I was four. I grew up with Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy 1, Metroid, Mario, you know, many awesome NES games, including some not-so-awesome NES ones (TIME LORD!). Moving on to SNES, I got FF3, Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Kirby Super Star, and many many others. I fell in love with the SNES instantly, easily my favorite game system ever. And from there, we just moved up the line all the way up to PS2. I said screw Xbox, as I find it a terrible system, and I dislike FPS games because they're so boring. Halo? Eww, gross. Get that crap away from me. I'd rather take my epic claymore and slay me a huge dragon. Or get on Epona and just ride around on a moonlit Hyrule Field night. I have a Wii and LOVE it, lots of Gamecube games, and pretty much every gaming system from NES to Wii. I don't have any Xboxes, Neo Geos, a Sega CD or some of the Sega things, but I do have a Genesis and a Game Gear. (Sonic 3 and Knuckles was freaking awesome.) Megaman is also a scwheet series I love. A PS3 is wayyyy too expensive and doesn't have many games that I want, but I think I may get one some day.

Tales of series? Freaking awesome. They're not Final Fantasy, but they are a freaking great series. My favorites in order: Phantasia, Symphonia, Eternia/Destiny 2 (REID AND FARAH <3), and Abyss. I was able to play Destiny and Legendia, didn't really like either of them, and I haven't had the chance to Vesperia yet since 360 sucks and PS3s are way too expensive. Some day, though!

Games that I'm currently playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I'm the best Link you'll ever face ), Mario Kart Wii (Starting from scratch, most of my data was with my ex girlfriend's step dad XD), Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, La Tale, and I think that's all that's on my plate right now. School is starting somewhat soon, and well... I'm just busy with stuff lately. (Work and a 24 year old girl that wants to go out with me, but she's gotta' wait until I'm older! XD)

Hmm, I've had a total of six girlfriends my entire life. Two of them lasted two years, one for ten months, I lived with that one for eight of those ten, and the rest are just like three months or less. I'm currently single, but I'm only interested in dating very specific girls that suit me. I'm very, very picky about who I date, and I am obviously, and proudly, a virgin, by choice! ;P

Aaaaaand, for the lucky people that I consider my closest friends, I consider them my "family." My closest member being Ping, who is mah sister, and I love 'er to death. The rest in no particular order: Natasha, Roger, Audrey, Kae, and Sams. :3 Rinachan is getting close, too. XD Poor Aly.

And, I guess that's about all I wanna' talk about ATM. I'll leave with these two conveniently placed emotes in my little box: Xbox

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