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I figured if I blogged about it I could get some answers maybe get another point of view from people to help me think.
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Schooling/Education and Decisions to be made.

Posted 07-30-2012 at 11:49 PM by Slaystriker
So school is coming up as we all know this, decisions are hitting me right now. The big one being, should I keep attending High School or just begin attending G.E.D. courses. I hate this choice its like trading part of my life for a fast forward in my Highschool years, but at the rate I'm going I may have to take another 2 years (note that I'll be a junior this year) because of the school's system of work and grading. "Project Based Learning" forcing me to work with others who will purposely make me look bad in some occasions and others who will not share their load of the work for the best outcome possible of the project. Some teachers LOVE me due to my maturity level, others seem to hate me because they stereotype me with others due to my appearance.

I honestly like the idea of GED classes instead, rather than playing the whole petty game of highschool life I feel I could benefit from straightforward classes, people who are serious about it and are willing to help teach and assist me through mastering what I need to know.

I simply and not sure what to do...

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