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Some stuff about the new MMO Dragonica!

Posted 05-13-2009 at 02:00 AM by slarron

For those who had no luck to be in the CB (closed beta) for the awesom game Dragonica!

I will explain a little how this game works. ( Im not the best for this but I do my best).

Now where shall I start? The first day i tried out the game I was so darn exited! And my expetions where hiiiigh! And the results... AWESOME game!

The first char I made was the warrior. If i shall describe the class it's: Brutal, power, fast meele attacks and awesome Damage. This class is WAY more fun then they usaly are in most MMOs . About the skills. They have tons of em! Depending on what kind of damage you like .

Now for the mage: For some reason they are slow to level with in most MMos, but in dragonica its great! they are easy, does do high damage, and are easy to play. They have element skills wich are awesome!

Now for the theif: Theifs are a cool looking class. They are also meele users but they have fast skills and are really fun to play. They have alot of air skills wich is the funniest part of the game.

Now for the archer: This is the class i currently are playing. I love this class because they have long rang, they do avrage damage and I love bows. They dont really have many skills. They got like 4 attack skills in total, but my self I only go for 3. Im sure they will put up the skill list on the wiki .

Now for the gameplay. The game it self is in 2D /3D. i have never played ANY other game wich is like this so that cool. I also like the Mission maps (dungeons) Theres total 4 maps wich you can play anytime you want and 1 for the quests, once you complet the 5th map I can mostly say it's complete and you cant fight anything so thats kinds useless. Once you complete a mission map you get Rank for how good you did. It goes from S-D. The better the rank the more stuff you get . You can either solo the maps or go with a party. You can group up with 3 + you= 4 .

This is also a good way to get equip.

Now for the Quests: Dragonica have tons of em. They dont fail on this part. And thats because they have tooons of quests. From killing stuff to help npc (no playing character) and thats nice. The rewards are mostly potions, money and exp. But sometimes you get equip and thats nice. There are 4 kind of quests Mission, Normal, Daily and special (I cant remember the name of it). As you play the game you wil understand .

Well I think this should help a little. It's not the best guide but its just simple explanation about dragonica .

Well thats all for now on! to be followed

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  1. Red's Avatar
    I am still holding on until Summer hits.
    Posted 05-13-2009 at 05:36 PM by Red Red is offline
  2. slarron's Avatar
    wow 417 Views O_O
    Posted 07-14-2009 at 07:52 AM by slarron slarron is offline
  3. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    I wouldn't say Dragonica is awesome, but it doesn't bring back fun, nostalgic experiences of MapleStory (in the fun button-mashing and jump-questing way; not the QQ-grind).

    Thumbs up for me.
    Posted 07-16-2009 at 11:52 AM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
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