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AH ma gad its friday! GRAAW!

Posted 04-03-2009 at 12:53 AM by slarron
YEA you read right. I love fridays since its 2 days off from work then .

Yesterday was nice. Since I was with my girlfriend we had a good time. We also made some really tasty food such as tacos . After the refreshing food we sat down in the sofa and we played some old NES (a consol wich came out 1986). The games we played where: Super mario 3, duck hunt and blue shadow . Well we completed mario 3 and duckhunt have unlimited stages so we got to 32, as for blue shadow we got to the last boss and we... FAAAAAILED because it was waaay tooo haaard -.-'!

After 2-4 hours of inzannnne gameplay she wanted to watch some movie , so I walked to... I think you can guess... My computer woho .

Now news for Latale

I actuly tried out the dragon lair I have talking about. I got my self a party but I tried solo it. WOW I fregen failed. Im only 27 and I feelt like a god lol . But now, I know how it looks like so thats good . Well I will aim for lvl 30+ in the weekend since my beloved girlfriend will be gone for 2 days so i will be "All by my self" (Yea it sounds like that song, you can google for it) so that kind good and bad.

Well I have no news how this day will be so I guess I keep it like this for now on. But I will try post more later this day .

Well thats news for now on.. stay tuned for more... To be continued ...

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